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Caelee, Baby. Caelee.

January 14, 2008 – 11:10 by John

Supersterre: a fitting name for the competition that last year produced one of SA’s most glitter-pop-sparkle young stars, a diminutive fairy of a girl known as just Caelee. The look? Check. The voice? Check. Hmmm…what’s left?


Running through a bunch of English classics, (unlike some of the other Sounds of Summer lineups), the blonde, starry-eyed, high-heeled solo vocalist may have driven a stake through the hearts of any woman over 40 who may have once been a singer, but still managed to keep her audience in that tender equilibrium between pure enjoyment and ‘what else is on TV?’

From the heart

Fifteen! The hardworking, tender young star has been singing for three years, which is longer than some artists have been not drinking (cough…Half Price…cough), but she’s got a bit of a voice on her, huh.

And herein lies the necessary criticism: the girl’s got a pretty straightforward image and style, lifted directly from the wardrobes of Rihanna and BeyoncĂ©‘s adopted child, and it makes for good eye candy. But I hear that some of us are here for more than that.

But when you’re 15, and you’ve got a bunch of 15-year-olds looking, who’s trying to crack original? Adolescent murmurs often begin with ‘did you hear’, and that’s not ‘cos anybody’s trying to make up new stuff. Also, she just put out her debut album (Something More Beautiful, BMG). So let’s give the catwalk icon a few years’ breathing room and see where she turns out. ‘Til then, enjoy the unabashed torrent of mainstream pop sensibility. It’s more rare than you think these days.

If this piece has left you gnashing your teeth and baying for more on the upcoming star, we managed to track her down for an interview. Usher in the glory days of SA Music and get inside Caelee’s head in another Overtone Featured Artist spot.

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