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DJ QBert SA Tour

February 19, 2008 – 12:26 by John

SPORTSCENE in association with The Assembly, sSHADOWORKSs and Next Movement, presents 4 times DMC Champ & member of DMC DJ Hall of fame – DJ Q BERT, live in Cape Town on Friday 29th February.

In 1991 DJ QBERT , took the Title of Solo US DMC champion. The previous year, he along with Mix Master Mike had been invited by Infamous B-Boy Originators ‘The Rock Steady Crew’ to become their official DJs. Along with Mix Master Mike he went on to win the DMC Champs for next 3 years running as “The DreamTeam.”

DJ QBert.
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By 1995 DJ Qbert was asked not to enter the DMC’s as his abilities with a turntable had surpassed any earthly expectations and rendered him. Unbeatable.

With 4 DMC titles to his name, a place in the DMC DJ Hall Of Fame, being ‘the most documented DJ in the World, and countless boundary breaking projects like Wave Twisters and Turntable TV, QBERT continues to humbly spread the Art form of the Turntable and its prominent role in modern music to all corners of the Earth and beyond….

• DMC USA Champion 1991 (Solo)
• DMC World Champion 1992 – Rocksteady DJ’s (Qbert, Mixmaster Mike & Apollo)
• DMC World Champion 1993 – Dreamteam (Qbert & Mixmaster Mike)
• DMC World Champion 1994 – Dreamteam (Qbert & Mixmaster Mike)
• DMC Judge 2012
• DMC DJ Hall of Fame (along with Mix Master Mike)

A press conference will be held on Wednesday 26th Feb, where DJ Q BERT will be available for a Q & A session – for further information regarding the press conference, and to book your place – contact / 084 555 2048.

The events will take place at The Assembly, 61 Harrington Street, Cape Town on 29 Feb
& at Intermission, Lister Building Bree street, JHB on 01 March

  • DJ QBert created the QFO, a turntable and mixer in one, which was manufactured by Vestax.
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