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Goldfish: Perceptions Of Pacha

March 13, 2008 – 14:33 by John

Goldfish are one of those rare groups that seems to tick all the boxes. Talented, creative musicians with an innovative product, a media-friendly smile, and good looks to boot. Second album Perceptions of Pacha is not just a nod to producer figures in the Miami (centred around top club Pacha Ibiza), but a lounge- and dance-friendly jazzy house album for the young ‘in’ crowd with their folks’ cash and Sunday evenings to spend.

Goldfish - Perceptions of Pacha
Are Goldfish ever gonna slow down?!

Unlike many hard copy music records these days, the physical album is worth it. If not for the sake of showing it off to your FCUK friends, then simply for the trademark ‘sun-rays’ design job and live 25-minute video from the duo’s Sunday night sessions at Ignite. Dance. Now.

At eleven tracks, two radio edits and a live video, Perceptions kicks off with Sold My Soul, a relatively mellow West African-sampled blend, followed by vocal, halfbeat radio single This Is How It Goes (feat. Monique Hellenberg). Get ready to hear more of this one.

Here’s something you probably didn’t know: Dave Poole has a splendid voice, even though you seldom hear it live, other than to gush thanks to the crowds. Just For Tonight features the saxophonist’s Damon Albarn-inspired lyric, “I don’t wanna see you till the morning light” oscillating with a computer-synthesized “just for tonight”. Sweet play of sounds.

Zakhile Moleshe
Monique Hellenberg
Max Vidima
Hlulani Hlangwani
Lee Thompson

The tone of the album straddles mellow but uptempo Cafe del Mar-styled melodies with sharp, acid house synth washes that you might hear from a Fischerspooner track. There aren’t many known local artists to compare to, but let’s just say the pumping Gauteng house scene may buy these guys a drink.

Look, as mentioned, the group’s got their ducks in a row. Goldfish was spawned from more orthodox jazz beginnings in Breakfast Included, alongside some of Cape Town’s leading musicians. However, the amount of exposure Dom Peters and David Poole are now receiving – thanks to simple techniques like enhanced CDs and hair gel is both testament to their business savvy and rocksolid foundations, primarily, as musicians.

So yeah, grab a copy before they jet off to light up MTV and the like. We wouldn’t say it if we didn’t mean it. You’ll have some company around before you know it.

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