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The Overtone Shmooze Rocked

March 25, 2008 – 12:17 by John

We did it. And it rocked. The first-ever Overtone Shmooze meeting went off like a cherry bomb in assembly, attracting a core group of local music executives, journalists, bands and all those seeking to get more involved in actively uniting the South African music scene under one umbrella.

Next shmooze: Apr 24th 2008

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Overtone Shmooze
The monthly Overtone Shmooze: chat, meet and drink with the SA music industry.

Seriously. It’s not some exclusive thing that you’re not a part of. We play local, upcoming artists in the background, grab a beer or two, and get to know each other. If you’re interested in getting involved in the scene, you’re invited to the next meeting.

Here’s a brief outline of what speakers from Runway Music and African Dope had to say last Thursday:

  • United, independent record labels make up for 30% of the global industry, a bigger fraction than any other major label.
  • Free music is fast becoming the hottest marketing tactic.
  • South African music tends to grovel in order to stay alive. This dilutes the creative passion of the artist. get professional if you want to make it your profession.
  • Upcoming bands often see no harm in distributing their music for free. Through hearing you, they get to know you. Maybe they’ll come to a gig. Maybe they’ll buy a T-shirt.
  • Take a look around you. This is it. This is the music industry. If you’re on this site as a fan, band or industry player, you are it.
  • Local music IS international music. Thinking that European and American music is indiscriminately better robs South African music of its authenticity. After all, if you live in a place, you’re gonna hear both sides of the scale, not just the radio-friendly export stuff.
  • Alongside India, South Africa is a global outsourcing capital. This means we can expect more overseas clientele coming to our shores to record albums, tour and utilise our services.
  • Underground bands are being represented on a scale never before as file sharing networks search deeper and faster to uncover the genuine talent amongst the established mainstream.
  • The 2010 FIFA World Cup will bring an estimated R21.3-billion into the country [1]. The spirit of African entertainment – from the street to the stage – will be as much on offer as the football.
  • Recently, at the SAMA awards, someone I know noticed that he recognised about two people in the entire hall. The South African music industry is characterised by a lack of representation for thousands of talented underdogs. If you feel disconnected, come to the next Cape Town meeting. Seriously, you’re invited because whether you’re a fan, band or industry figure, you are the music.
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