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Welcome To YourLMG | Live Music Guide

April 24, 2008 – 16:58 by John

The 2nd issue of YOUR LMG is – sorry, WAS – available at one of the locations listed below. Yes, this issue is gone from almost all locations – and I have been truly humbled by the level of “this is just what we needed!!!” responses by the live-music-going section of our population.

YourLMG is taking over Cape Town’s streets. Get yours now.

Check out for a complete list of places where you will be able to pick up your next copy. Areas currently include Cape Town, Observatory, Claremont, Durbanville and Stellenbosch. Soon to include Somerset West, Gordons Bay and Muizenberg. Let me know if I should be sharing it around to more places.

We are doubling the number of copies of the next issue printed, to make sure that you can get yourself a copy. If your favourite live music venue is not carrying YOUR LMG – feel free to bark at them WHY NOT?!?! So let’s party!! And while you’re doing it, tell the venues that YOU READ ABOUT IT IN YOUR LMG!!


Mike Smith

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  • What Is YourLMG?

    The Cape Town live music scene is generally alive and thriving. However, for newcomers and/or visitors, it can be extremely challenging to find out what’s on, where, when and what type of music.

    The internet is certainly one means of communicating this info. However, one of its challenges is that it is often left to the bands and venues themselves to log onto these sites and update their details. Unfortunately, even with the best of intentions, this is often not done. Most webmasters agree that the printed gig guide does not compete directly with their web sites because the diverse nature of the two, actually provide a different experience and service to the reader/user.

    In terms of existing local printed material, it is either too diverse in nature – with music playing only a minor role – or does not do justice to the performance side of music, concentrating mainly on the dance and “cocktail set” crowd.

    There appears to be a definite need for a gig guide magazine that is purely about musicians, by musicians, for musicians, that is current and local. Your LMG is where it starts.

  • Your LMG: The Music Street Mag Launches
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