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Overtone Shmooze: June | Crossover Music

June 27, 2008 – 13:57 by John

The fourth monthly Overtone Shmooze took place last night at our swanky uptown offices in Cape Town. A core gathering of around 45 people who gathered to have a drink and listen to guest speakers narrate their experience with this month’s editorial theme: Crossover Music. But more just to have a drink.

These parties are going well. For us at Overtone, it’s become more about just putting a face to an email address than it is about anything else, but having guest speakers share their involvement in the crossover music scene made it a worthwhile networking opportunity for anyone looking to share their product or service.

Western Cape Musicians Association

Rozzano was first up. The local hip hop DJ and project manager for the Western Cape Musician’s Association spoke briefly on being an active musician in the 80s, when 80% of the population was not invited to the party, so to speak. Or vice versa. Either way, he’s seen some changes, and his advice to upcoming musicians in South Africa 2008 was:

  • Music is about 10% creativity. Most of it is business.
  • If hip hop in the 80s still had some ‘Vanilla Warriors’ at the party, then today’s cultural crossover is a piece of cake. Get out to the parties in areas you’re not used to.
  • The Western Cape Musician’s Association is actively channeling funds from the government Arts & Culture department into the upliftment of local musicians. Contact them. Help out. Get involved. Start here.
  • Visit site

    SAE Cape Town

    Pier Merlo was up next. Having eagerly accepted our invitation to speak just the day before, he took the floor and spoke about SAE Cape Town, the local branch of the internationally acclaimed audio, animation and multimedia college. He’s travelled the world on the power of ambition (and European passport), and, with the assistance of David (last name I didn’t catch — comments?) reminded us:

  • Getting a job in audio production is more about BEING committed than a degree or diploma
  • SAE Cape Town (presently the only branch on the continent) is offering scholarships to members for empowerment and upliftment. Get in touch with them and see if you qualify here.
  • Visit site

    Pan African Space Station

    It was in the middle of Rozzano’s talk that a bright red individual burst through the door, interrupting the established music industry speaker with “Rozzano, stop talking kak, man.” Ntone Edjabe, everyone. Just after Merlo’s chat, The chief behind Chimurenga magazine grabbed a beer (or may not have, but it makes a good story) and took the floor with news from the PASS Project: the radio station which will be broadcasting a spectrum of genre-busting music during the month of October. Keep listening, because:

  • The call for a community radio is bursting at the seams.
  • Pan African Space Station is a creative project attracting the type of people who attend the Overtone Shmooze, and if you were there, why not find out more? Start here.
  • You can volunteer to present one of the radio shows by signing up on
  • Visit site

    Comments below

    All the people who came to the party. List your business or your involvement in this industry in the comments below. All business spam welcome.

  • Western Cape Musicians Association: get involved in the local scene.
  • SAE Cape Town: find out if you qualify for half-price studies.
  • Chimurenga Magazine: who no know go know.
  • Liquid sign up for PASS Radio!
  • SA Band Merchandise: pay NOTHING for your band merchandise!
  • Biz E-Blog: up-to-date entertainment news.
  • Cold Hand Chemistry: progressive rock/metal band.
  • Alchemy Photography: professional photography service.
  • Jess Henson: freelance entertainment and features writer
  • Wakato: alternative rock band
  • Next Overtone Shmooze: Thu July 31st, 6.30pm.

    The Overtone Shmooze happens on the last Thursday of every month, and is open to everyone involved in the music scene, and those who would like to be.

    Thanks once again to Paul Bothner and NMK Winery for helping to make this event more fun.

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