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Coda l Exclusive Interview l Great New Album Out

December 5, 2008 – 16:11 by admin

Overtone chats to CODA about their plans for the future following their succsessful album launch.

What is the best show you have played?

One of our favourite performances was for Desmond Tutu’s 75th birthday. He personally invited us to perform us which was a great honour. Coda was on tour in Dubai earlier this year and performed in front of the renowned Berg Al Arab. It was a wonderful show – the audience was made up of locals and ex-pats who got quite homesick! We’ve performed in townships, shopping malls, high profile events and to royalty and our objective is always the same. Any performance where we are able to touch the audience in some way means that we’ve got it right.

Are you signed to a record label and what albums have you released?

We have released two albums, both independently. The first, ‘Believe’ was released in November 2006, and the second, African Renaissance was launched last Friday at an amazing event.

About the launch and the new album; how do you feel about it?

We’re over the moon – Gabi le Roux, our producer, has really helped us cement our style and the new album, quite frankly, it rocks!

Do you think its going to go down well with your fanbase?

Definitely! The new material never fails to get everyone up and dancing. We’ve h

ad nothing but praise from everyone who was at the launch and those who purchased the new release.

Are you going to leave SA for greener pastures?

We are planning to tour internationally next year but, like our new album, we are very proudly South African and hope to represent all that is good in South Africa through our music. We’re happy to be musical ambassadors for SA but our hearts and homes will always be here

For reviews on the new album see:

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What is your view of South African Music and the music industry today? Do you feel positive or negative about it? Why?

On a positive note, the industry is going through a lot of changes

and it’s exciting to see how this evolution will affect South African artists.

On a less positive note, I do think it is more difficult for musicians based outside of Gaugteng to garner the interest of the national media.

Who do you believe is making a positive contribution towards the industry and why?

Gabi le Roux and the other members of the Cape Music Industry Commission are working hard to address the point above and to ensure that local musicians enjoy the same kind of support as their Johanessburg-based counterparts.

What artists in South Africa do you think are successful and why?

We have much admiration for Goldfish – they are business savvy and work very hard and intelligently in the selling of their music.

Do you earn from music sales anymore? What makes selling music easier or harder than it used to be?

Yes we do. This year has been tight for everyone, but with a good product and a rigorous gigging schedule it’s possible to sell very successfully.

What do think about free music / music sharing / and digital distribution?

Any channel through which one can reach the masses is good for your brand. We’re all for it.

What makes a successful band / artist in today’s music industry?

Soulful music combined with business acumen and very hard work

What have you contributed to SA music, the industry?

We hope to show up and coming musicians (as well as our audiences) that something quite special can come from diversity.

Are you involved in social development, charity or any development program for South Africa?

Yes, we made a decision from the beginning to perform one charity event per month. In addition we support the Amy Biehl foundation by donating a portion of our album sales from African Renaissance.

What role do you think artists can make towards positive change in South Africa?

Being in the public eye gives artists an opportunity to communicate with large portions of the South African population. It’s our responsibility to take a stand on current issues and to co

ntribute where we can.

What message would you like to give to your fans?

Get your copy of African Renaissance – it will simultaneously give you hope for the future and get you dancing

Catch CODA at:

The Little Hearts Charity Music Festival

Sunday 7th December, 5 PM

V and A Waterfront

Cost: Free


Saturday 13th December 12 noon

Cost: Free

If there was one question you could ask what would it be and who would you ask?

Robert Mugabe – do you sleep well at night?

Thank you Coda for helping us to make South African music great.

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