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Sonic Summer Tour Review + Interviews

December 16, 2010 – 21:28 by Samantha Dawe

The Sonic Summer Tour is in progress at the moment and last night I made my way to Gateway for the Durban leg at the Wavehouse. The line-up consisted of Locnville, Jax Panik, Goldfish and Die Antwoord. Out of those four I managed to get interviews with Jax Panik and Goldfish…unfortunately by the time I went looking for Locnville it was past their bedtime and they had gone home (I kid! But seriously, they had left) and well, who needs to ask Die Antwoord questions when…wait for it….they’re already the answer?

Ok, and on that note, I shall get to the event itself. The tour seemed lucky at the start of the concert, since the rain seemed to have stopped in time for the gates to open. Apparently the rain was ironically following the summer tour around, as it had rained for the Joburg leg too. But there was hope! And when Locnville took to the stage their fans could party in totally dry clothes. Not that I think a little water would have deterred this crowd, those twins have some seriously dedicated fans. After watching them I totally understand why, they were awesome. You could see that they enjoyed performing as much as the crowd enjoyed watching. The scary part was actually at the end of their set, when the MC came on to the stage and announced that Locnville would be at the merch counter for a meet and greet. Oh my gosh….a wave of teenage girls (and at least one boy that I saw) turned around and RAN towards the merch counter. I feel like I really survived something there. Show no fear, they can sense it.

Next up was Jax Panik. I’ve never seen these guys live before and I was seriously impressed. Somehow, they managed to be really tongue-in-cheek, and really dodgy, but yet still seriously professional. The whole act was seemless and you couldn’t help but get drawn into the fun. The band sang that “Baby I can make you roar” and judging from the crowd, they were right. Ok, since I interviewed these guys, I’m going to subtly place the interview right about….here:


Does the Jax Panik concept allow you guys to be more creative than say if you had an actual face to the name?

JP: I think that it does increase your confidence, it allows you to do things you wouldn’t normally be able to do. That’s something that’s very positive about the whole Jax Panik concept, that lots of people in the crowd are never going to be on the stage, and by being part of Jax Panik they are part of something on the stage. So ja, you become more than just what you would normally be.

When you’re hidden behind the mask you can create things, or not be yourself. You can be someone else but at the same time be creative. It helps being behind the mask.

Ok, and are you both going to be on the stage today?

Ja (nodding).

How are you going to do your performance?

We have what we call an elaborate DJ set. We have all our DJ gear, drums, keyboard, two singers in masks and flashing masks on the drummer and keyboardist.

Do you guys take yourselves more seriously now than you did at the beginning?

I think that the whole Jax Panik concept has changed completely, and it’s really moved away from that, it’s really evolved. Jax Panik isn’t just one person, it’s a group, a band and we’re trying to show people that they can also be Jax Panik.

Ok, and being the Sonic Summer Tour, what is Jax Panik’s favourite Summer destination? Does Jax Panik even like summer?

Haha, good question, well I think Sonic Summer has been more like an overcast and rainy tour. But I think ja, we like all the destinations. South Africa’s a great country. One thing though, Durban has competition from the Joburg crowd, even though it rained the joburg crowd were partying hard!

I hope you enjoyed that, I may have misquoted a bit, I’m not sure, because my recording device is not exactly top notch. But onwards with the show. Goldfish were up next and from the crowds reaction, one could definitely see who the headliners were. By this time the rain had really kicked in but no one seemed to care, in fact it kind of added to the fun. During the set Goldfish also had videos of themselves playing on the big scene behind them. Between having the actual guys there on stage and the amusing videos playing simultaneously, they definitely entertained. As they also did during my interview with them:



So when you guys saw you had the same initials did you just know it was fate?

Haha but he’s D.C.P and I’m D.A.P.

Oh I didn’t know about the middle names!

D.A.P: Yea his sounds more like a kind of antiseptic, and I sound like a sort of cross between a political party and a computer program.

Haha but that’s not so bad! Ok, and being the Sonic Summer Tour, what is your favourite summer destination?

D.C.P: Favourite summer destination in South Africa?


D.C.P: Of the three? Or in general?

Anywhere…..but you know, preferably Durban.

D.C.P: Oh we love Durban.

D.A.P: We love Durban but uh we prefer coming here in winter to be honest. I prefer Cape Town in summer and Durban in the winter, cos the weather cos the weather in Durban is so nice in the winter. It’s like nice and warm, not too humid…

DCP: Cape Town is awesome in summer.

DAP: And summer in Durban is this hot, crazy humidity.

DCP: Everyone goes a bit nuts here as well.

Aw no we don’t! We’re fine! (I promise….). DCP starts waving his arm around crazily…I think it isn’t Durban that’s the problem….hint hint J

DAP: Look, already! We’ve been here for like 20 minutes!

Haha ok, back to seriousness, what is your song writing process?

DCP: Um, we actually have little people that write for us…

DAP: Oompa loompas!

DCP: Yea! And we actually go on the internet and just like sample songs from everywhere.

DAP: Yea and then we print it out and we feed it to the oompa loompas.

Do you take them onto the stage with you? You know, hide them behind the sound deck maybe?

DAP: They’re in my mind!

Hey well that’s useful.

DAP: ok no well seriously…’s kind of like, there isn’t one specific process that we use. We always like to stay open to ideas that probably pop up while playing live, or while we’re jamming, whatever. We’re always open to being inspired, it just takes a kernel. A small little kernel of something to really get the sparks flying and get the ball rolling. And if you start off with a good idea then it’s really easy.

Yea, you guys tend to venture out into very different directions with your music, I mean using female vocalists, and male vocalists and each song can be completely different from the next.

DCP: (nodding) The song kinda dictates the vocalist. While the songs happening we’ll just realise that it needs a girl or needs a guy and we’ve got like….(pauses)

All your little people?

DCP: Yea, all our friends, wait what?

DAP: The little People!

DCP: Haha no, and you know we call up our friends and generally whoever we call will end up being on the track.

Great, well thank you, that’s actually all my questions-

DCP: Ask us another question!

Um, ok…… what’s your favourite colour?

DCP: Uh, gold, obviously…

But aren’t goldfish actually red or orange or something? Actually, how did you come up with Goldfish?

DCP: There you go….

DAP: Uh basically Dom used to have a very bad goldfish memory and would leave stuff behind everywhere. And so we called it Goldfish, you know cos of that. But unfortunately what happened subsequently was that it was a bit of an infection and spread to the rest of us and sometimes, particularly at our gigs, mickey our techy gets the worst dose of the goldfish effect, worse than we do. It’s a very catchy condition. Everyone gets it when they hang around with us. Oh, who are you guys?


Last was Die Antwoord, but unfortunately I couldn’t stay for their performance. I’m not a huge fan anyway, and also, seeing them live may have given me nightmares. But, you know, it may have been good to see what they would do live. It also started really pouring just before they were due to go on stage, so I don’t know if that effected how many people stayed to watch.

The next leg of the Sonic Summer Tour is Cape Town, and I would advise anyone who’s on the fence about it to go…just go. It was great fun, very professionally run and even managed to outdo the weather.