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Hey! It’s The May/June Comedy Revolution Tour!

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

The Comedy Revolution Tour, billed as “Geographically Africa’s longest, most cutting edge stand-up tour”, runs from the 14th May through to the 7th June 2008. Featuring 3 international acts as well as 6 of SA’s finest comedians, the tour starts in the Cape, continuing along the coast up to KZN, proceeding thereafter to JHB and the Freestate and finishing in Cape Town. The aim is to develop and unite the comedy scene in South Africa by taking these shows to towns that many performers bypass and staging a stand-up show set at an international standard.

Comedy Revolution Tour
You talking to me?

The promoters for the tour are Martin Evans (Cape Town) and Glen Bo (KZN), who are both international comedians based in South Africa. Their passion and determination to develop South African Comedy is the basis on which this tour has been driven. The tour prides itself on being the longest stand-up tour in South Africa, featuring award-winning and international acts who have come together to achieve the same goal.

The international acts featured in the show are Glen Bo (a nominee in the KZN Arts Awards in the “Best Comedian” category who runs comedy shows and clubs in KZN), Martin Davis from the UK (a stand-up veteran and legend abroad) and Martin Evans, (international comedian who runs various comedy club evenings around Cape Town). These three headliners are joined by the cream of the crop from around RSA, namely, Trevor Gumbe (JHB), David Khosa (JHB), Marty Kitu (CPT), Simmi Areff (KZN), Lil Paul (KZN) and Jan Badenhorst (KZN).

Comedy Revolution Tour

Wednesday 14th May 2008 : Knysna
Thursday 15th May 2008 : Plett
Friday 16th May 2008 : Grahamstown
Saturday 17th May 2008 : Port Elizabeth
Sunday 18th May 2008 : East London
Monday 19th May 2008 : Coffee Bay
Wednesday 21st May 2008 : Amanzimtoti
Thursday 22nd May 2008 : Ballito (La Montang Hotel-in the nightclub)
Friday 23rd May 2008 : Margate (Cock & Tail)
Saturday 24th 2008 : Durban (Dockyard Theatre)
Wednesday 28th May 2008 : Howick (Bellissimo’s)
Thursday 29th May 2008 : Durban (Thunder Road Rock Diner)
Friday 30th May 2008 : Waterfall (Tapas)
Saturday 31st May 2008 : Durban (Thunder Road Rock Diner) Umhlanga
1st week of June (dates to be added shortly) : JHB

Tickets to the show are R50.00 per person and R30.00 for students, which are available at the door. To reserve seats at a show, you may contact Jimmy on 083 348 4274. Age restriction for all shows is 18 years and older.

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Groove Nation With Southpaw

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Even four years after you’ve beheld Southpaw bassist Newton Stanford pop a super-rough demo of City of Sin into your CD player and ask what you think for the first time, there’s still something about the song that makes you wanna just sing along. Aloud. Even when the turnout is kinda dismal, the lefties get down to some tightly practised material at Mercury Live in Cape Town alongside funk threesome Stereozen and spoken word siren Blaqpearl.


Ok, I won’t mince the green beans here, I’m mates with the band and their manager. Let’s get that out the way. But let’s also take a close look at the group, and not just a glossy front-row report that you’re likely to get in some bulk email from the latest blog rocker. We’ve been covering them a lot lately. Let’s do some actual music journalism here.

Southpaw take their clothes off at Groove Nation.
More Vids | Submit Vids

Lead singer Stephan Roach – a totally Kravitz-inspired sex symbol with genuine moments of Chris Martin songwriting and a left handful of glam-pop glitterati thrown in (miss ‘COCAINE’ in gold-print on the t-shirt and you’ve had one too many). Actually, the jazzy, film-interlude-styled songwriting credit here goes to rhythm guitarist and rocksteady wingman Daniel, who pairs up with Stephan to come up with material and plays some weird chords deliberately. Left-handed.

The band is extremely marketable. There’s talk. Take a look at what Overtone has to say about this, and let’s all hold thumbs while they make the decision that’s gonna shape their careers as alternative, Generation II SA musicians. Whatever that means. We all know SA music IS already international music, and seeing as the MP3 revolution is already crossing waters, why won’t this kind of music? There’s nothing stopping the international image and sound of Southpaw from earning a following in areas like the United States, Australia and Europe when the album lands (more from Stephan about this). Or even right now.

Unless you’re Zane Henry, the tendency in this industry is to examine all the artists and praise/criticise them one by one, for their various on- and off-stage strengths, and to “please support” local music. Bollocks. Right now, this band is a bunch of amateurs, compared to where they’re going. At the risk of sounding like some lovestruck 19-year-old girl (you know who you are), Southpaw have got loads going for them. Material seems to keep coming in; they don’t seem to be one of those groups that recycles their Myspace EP for ten years. It’s good to see drummer Kurt‘s talking kak with his shirt off. Now if we could just get some more movement on stage to match the creative flow…

I’m no professional, but I think that any group with the right sound, look, vibe and determination will eventually get where they’re going. It’s inevitable. Especially when you’re practically all related and seem not to know how to do anything but luminescent songwriting that (strangely) compliments the eye candy. The girls in the front row may be getting a bass chairbuzz, but guys like me at the back are also digging the sound. Bigtime. Keep an ear out for the alien invasion…

  • Southpaw: Ready For The Bigtime?
  • Interview: Southpaw On Charts, Album, Tour
    More news…

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    Interview: Southpaw On Charts, Album, Tour

    Thursday, December 6th, 2007

    It’s taken a good couple of years, but all-left-handed alternative rock group Southpaw is just about to bust through to…something new. Catch what frontman Stephan Roach has to say on Overtone about topping the Myspace SA Funk charts, and featuring in Vida’s delicious new publication, Obrigado.

    Southpaw on Overtone

    Stephan Roach
    download wallpapers…

    Despite the fact that the SA musician’s disease of a daytime job inhibits their touring schedule, Southpaw are taking small, steady steps in the direction of becoming the country’s first-ever all non-white alternative rock band. Well, that is if you don’t count Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens in the same category as Radiohead.

    We had a chat with lead singer and guitarist Stephan Roach, who heads up the band alongside brother, guitarist and vocalist Daniel, bassist Newton and drummer Kurt.

    Top Funk spot on Myspace SA Music?

    [Laughs] The thing is, we don’t do one style of music. We mix it up. I’d describe our style as funk-rock-jazz. [more on this]

    Vida’s funky new mag Obrigado featured you this month.

    Thats a nice spot. There was a printing error — they were supposed to leave out the Cape Flats thing. We’ve not from the Cape Flats! They said something like, “they’re from the Cape Flats but they’re not into hip hop.” [more...]

    Any ideas for a tour?

    At the moment, we’re trying to focus on finishing our [unnamed] album. We’ve got too many tracks! We’ve also got a home studio, and we’re doing it all ourselves.

    We’ve recorded at studios before, but it’s not what you want. At the end of it, you get somebody else’s idea. There’s so much we can do on our own. We’ve got total control.

    Obzfest was their last jaunt. We heard a rumour that their latest track, Starfish, was recorded on a whim, using just one mike to record the whole drum kit! That, kids, is called giving the middle finger to limitations, and it’s something every aspring artist should be doing.

    Southpaw are playing in Cape Town on the 14th alongside Jules & the Fools at Zula Bar. Free tickets here.

  • Rollercoaster: Load The Roadshow
  • Obzfest 2007: Jolling In Art Town
  • Carpet Mafia: Bring The Funkin Jam On
  • Southpaw on Myspace

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    Afrika Burns: Backwater Art Back In Fashion

    Monday, November 26th, 2007

    The first-ever Afrika Burns was what you’d get if you sifted half a ton of Earthdance ballyhoo down to about 50 grams. A core smattering of around 1000 faithfuls was all it took to get the Karoo desert cooking this weekend with bizarre, interactive art installations, hideous, free-for-all open mike sessions and early morning psytrance. All negotiable with the DJ, that is…

    Afrika Burns on Overtone
    Afrika Burns 2007: if you remember it, you were, in fact, there.

    The spirit of genuine, ‘mi casa is tu casa’ hospitality and community was what impressed me the most. We’d hardly set up camp when the heavily prepared neighbours invited us over for a djembe/guitar jam and offered us some factor 40. Man, bless ‘em. That stuff’s expensive.

    Afrika Burns on Overtone

    But money was not on the top ten list of concerns at the three-day escapist art fest, which was conceptually based on California’s Burning Man. In fact, the entire economy was gift-based, meaning that you’d be denied even if you did have the appropriate wallet wildlife to afford the Saloon Camp cocktails. Pegged to Tankwa Town roadside entrance signs were explicit recommendations for ‘radical self-reliance’, ‘civic responsibility’ and ‘decommodification’.

    Twenty-one themed camps ensured that there was plenty to see on the half-mile wandel across the dust. With no fixed bearings, we would circumambulate laser-squirting party-hardy Camp Vuvuzela, fully functioning Burning Mail Post Office, idyllic Camp Pleasantville, amongst a host of other points of interest in the Binnekring.

    The folks who rocked up were the most interesting. Moshe, a repressed Joburg creative, was one of the most striking. Adorned in a tea-doily cape and neon swimming goggles, the guy was the locus of attention practically everywhere he strolled, walking stick in hand. Even on the final day, when his group’s car had broken down, Mo was found blissfully walking the venue, with ‘no fixed plans’ on how to get home before everyone packed up and departed that evening.

    Cars were parked, but aside from the occasional dust storm-chasing cyclist, foot was the medium of locomotion. Even under the luminous full moon, it was backwater Karoo-dark, and you just never knew what would next greet you out of the dark. Glowing fires were the gathering points. Some burned artworks, just some egte Karoo hout.

    To be honest, there’s just too much to put into a short piece like this; under the desert spell, we saw and heard colourful trailblazing party vehicles, small nude communities, metalwork, live grunge, liquid fire and painfully temporary artworks of great beauty.

    So, three days and two nights in the desert, and not a moment of boredom. If anything, a focused desire to share with my urban playmates the gifts I received from the imaginations of a devoted few organisers and the outer circle of strangely open people.

    Download this delightfully brand-free wallpaper for your desktop

  • Afrika Burns Home
  • Afrika Burns on Facebook
  • Burning Man Home

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    Interview: Autopilot Bleed Alt Rock Style

    Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

    What’s this? A South African band with style? Autopilot are breaking into some seriously new terrain here. Overtone has a quick chat with the five-piece Capetonians ahead of the Battle for Woodstock.

    Autopilot on Overtone

    Bridgette: (vocals) A mixture of commercial soulful rock, jazz and R&B
    Shane: (guitar, vocals) Alternative rock
    Sykes: (guitar) Alternative rock
    Dutch: (bass) Rock
    Nixx: (drums) I love mixing various forms of music, from rock, to jazz, to funk, I try to incorporate it all in one. As a drummer it puts a different vibe to songs if you have screaming guitars with a sweet rock/jazz beat!

    B: From a wee young age. Round about from when I was 7 years old.
    Sh: Since about twelve years ago
    Sy: I’ve been playing guitar since I was 14. Before that, started blowing the tune to ‘Born in the USA’ by The Boss through the barrel of a broken toy gun I had when I was 6.
    D: Since for ever. As Autopilot, December 2006.
    N: I’ve been playing drums for around 6 years and I started my first band 3 months into drumming. We would all sit together, talk rubbish and write.

    Autopilot on OvertoneB: Solo artists such as Bonnie Tyler, Annie Lenox, Alanis Morissette, Kelly Clarkson, Amy Winehouse and India Arie
    Groups such as Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Chicago, Live, Roxette, The Fray and, of course, U2
    Sh: The Smashing Pumpkins and Our Lady Peace
    Sy: Mia, Nirvana, Flickerstick, Therapy?, Seether and the Wombles of Wimbledon (common are we)
    D: The HOFF (the only answer that saves you if you don’t really know)
    N: For me personally it would have to be Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, Billy Talent, Kings of Leon and Lost Prophets. Yet I’ve never forgotten my roots – Nursery rhymes such as Humpty Dumpty and Baa Baa Black Sheep

    B: Anywhere with a good sound and great audience will do me just fine
    Sh: We love Mercury Live for the size of the place, but the best sound and stage set up has to be ROAR in Obz
    Sy: Madison Square Gardens, US
    D: My ideal venue would be ROAR or Independent Armchair Theatre, and for acoustic shows Bertie’s Mooring
    N: Cheeee, I would have to say the great Wembley Stadium.

    B: For the passion and the love of it, for the positive response of people loving it and for my band’s facial expressions of loving
    it. Nothing more and nothing less…
    Sh: Music is everything. It excites you when you are happy, drives you when you may lack determination and consoles you when you are down
    Sy: Music is the one thing that everybody in this world has in common and loves. To see the joy in another’s eyes is an inspiration to write
    D: For the love and fun of it
    N: I could say 3 words to sum it up: LOVE FOR MUSIC! It’s a passion that I’m sure I was born with and it’s something that will hopefully never leave me

    Catch them at Battle For Woodstock, chump! Hey, it’s sponsored by Durex, it’s gonna be great.

    Battle for Woodstock


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