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Tango A-Go-Go: Stanislav Angelov Group

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Overtone job listings: looking for editor or freelance journalist with 50+ years in age and a strong interest in Bulgarian accordion-based classical music. No, that excludes you, Stanislav, because we’re trying to find something to say about you in the first place.

Stanislav Angelov

The closest comparison this snot-nosed brat can draw between the obviously “highly refined” music of accordionist Stanislav Angelov and the music of his three piece group at the V&A Waterfront was the part in a silent German Expressionist film where the villain has actually realised that he’s the victim.

Stanislav Angelov: grab a woman.
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That’s it.

Blame the gig listings of the organisers, but this music comes across as pretty much the diametric opposite of the conveyor-belt pop that gets force-fed in the direction of our most Northerly orifices on a daily, momentary basis. Which made for a beautiful, crystal-pure breathing space in the heart of tourist South Africa: Cape Town, between the 25th and the 31st of December.

The violin dived boldly into oblique chords, reminiscent of a Casablanca tango circa 1942. Charming, but and equally gripping were the finger-deft stairway melodies performed on the piano. Music either to dance your passions out of, or to use as a soundtrack in the aforementioned horror.

Glorious. Sophisticated. End.

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