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The Beams: All Synthed Out And EP-Heavy

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

I actually managed to begin this short piece on the long-awaited and heavily discussed EP launch for The Beams last night until a freak flat tyre phonecall saw me whisked away to the roadsides of back-alley Obz in Cape Town. Oh well, it’s a good thing there wasn’t much about the slamming dance-rockers’ gig to crit…

The Beams on Overtone
The Beams @ Armchair Theatre, CT

Under the city skyline, Paul, BoŇ°ko, Jay and Amrik played unusually early, by Armchair standards, but by the time they were done, there were crowds of people pouring out of the venue looking for the next party. Primed, that is, by an ass-kicking, pit-stomping synth rock session.

We’d say if it wasn’t, but the EP launch for Cape Town’s famously rooted UCT band was pretty much a perfect gig. It bragged obvious months of screw-tightening rehearsal, the crowd was all over it, the huge band logo backdrop and decor loomed proud, the lighting was lekker and the rapport with the audience flowed like a box of Tassenberg. A box, not a bottle. In short, it ticked all the boxes.

Oh yeah, props to Adamu, the same Afro-acoustic singer/songwriter we big-upped last week for his awesome opening set at Freshlyground. We checked him playing across the road from The Beams at Ganesh for a R20 cover charge. This, just two weeks after banging out a set to around 10,000 people! Talk about covering your bases…

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    Unit.R: Up To Some New Tricks

    Saturday, October 27th, 2007

    You turn around and Unit.R is up to their tricks. With a good 50% more original music and their familiar, quirky line-up of electro/folk/indie dance-rock, the notoriously unclassifiable four-piece went and did it again on Friday. A sick gig up at the Independent Armchair Theatre in Cape Town bolstered the electronic underground as the Cape Town electronic innovators released their second video: It’s All About.


    This is always the best way to do it. It’s 1.23am, and I just returned from Unit.R and Ashtray Electric. I’ve seen the former a million times (and the latter only once now), and wanna just throw a few pics and a word on some new stuff from this time around. Nothing hectic cos I’m half asleep.

    First off, they’ve obviously been busy, cos they’ve got a whole bunch of new stuff on the lineup.

    “We’ve got a drinking song,” confessed bassist/vocalist Goran halfway through the set from under the new lighting rig at the every-busy Armchair. Programmer/vocalist Justin whipped out a mouth keyboard/accordion of some sort and, again, there must have been someone in the crowd going like, “there they go again — showing off their creativity.”

    Speaking of vocals, Matt‘s voice has boomed since his last showing. The man aliased as psytrance DJ Artifakt gave a little credence to the diversity of the Cape Town live scene with a rough but confident vocal performance. Nice one, dude.

    The group signed off with a half-beat encore. I met Goran outside:

    “Yeah, it [the gig] was allright,” he mused in his signature accent. “You always have a few fuckups, but I enjoyed it. Do you have a smoke? I don’t smoke but I really feel like one…”

    The supporting show of the evening was Armchair Electric, down in Cape Town for the first time (to my knowledge). The five-piece indie rockers (yeah — skinny jeans and all) put on a refreshingly unpretentious act, which got a couple of feet tapping. Sure, there’s always work to be done, but with a left-handed guitarist and a vocalist who seems very in love with something (not sure what, but it shows!), there’s a road waiting to be walked for ‘em.

    Unit-R & Ashtray Electric

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