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Interview | Black Porcelain | Soweto Soul Diva

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Black Porcelain! How you sister?

Couldn’t be better. Things are looking up. My songs have been playlisted on Capricorn FM, UJ FM, Radio 2000 and Bay FM. Hopefully it won’t stop there

How long have you been singing?

I have been singing ever since I can remember. I was that annoying little kid who sang at the top of my voice ALL THE TIME. But as I grew older the singing became a little softer and eventually had it drummed into my head that a smart girl like me would be wasting my time with music. So I pursued other options and found my way back to music. I did a demo in 2006 and started working on this EP this year. Next year I start work on a full length album.

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Channel O To Expose Black Rock Music

Friday, May 9th, 2008

Channel O is rumoured to be in the process of launching a rock music Hit Train called “O Rocks”. The African music channel is calling for submissions of rock artists of all backgrounds for their show.

To answer the question, O Rocks is a ‘black’ channel potentially doing ‘white’ music.
O Rocks

The MNet subsidiary channel O is aimed at urban black youth, and aside from bands like BLK JKS (Black Jacks), African rock music is still in relative mainstream infancy. But apart from breaking up long-held stereotypes, the video sumbission is a chance to expose and facelift a new genre of radio-friendly local music to the larger percentage of the South African population. Hell, why not?

If the idea of being a Channel O rocker tingles your dingles, get filming, because the compeition is practically non-existent at the moment. Here’ s the information off Channel O’s site:

Please note the following requirements for video submission to Channel O:

*Video must be on Beta cam tape / or DVD, Mini DV – Dolby On
*Include the artist’s biography and publicity pictures, artist’s contact details and a signed music contract which can be faxed to +27 11 686 6641
*Good video production – to be decided by Channel O if the video meets all the requirements
*Please note that the video submission is not automatically for entry into the Music Video Awards, but will be played on Channel O if it meets the above requirements.
Forward your videos to:

Mr Kevin Goodwin
Music Scheduler
Tell: +27 11 686 6185
Channel O
East & West Africa
137 Bram Fisher Drive

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    Mama Know Nothing | (Almost) All-Girl Blues-Rock | Zula Bar

    Thursday, May 8th, 2008

    Seriously. I’m think I’m in love for the first time and this time I know it’s for real. You see, last night my heartstrings were once again plucked as I witnessed a smorgasbord of electric-guitar and violin-touting hotties doing a dacnceable medley of blues-rock and upbeat soul. And while a prejudiced sexually deprived chav such as myself would love to say that Mama Know Nothing’s front line of Sannie Fox (vox, electric guitar), Hagar Griaser (lead guitar) and Galina Juritz (vox, violin) are mere eye-candy, the sassy Cape Town girls everyone’s learning to love have a tightness of sound that, well…damn, girlfriend!

    Mama Know Nothing
    Mama Know Nothing know quite a bit about entertainment, actually.

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