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Coda l Exclusive Interview l Great New Album Out

Friday, December 5th, 2008

Overtone chats to CODA about their plans for the future following their succsessful album launch.

What is the best show you have played?

One of our favourite performances was for Desmond Tutu’s 75th birthday. He personally invited us to perform us which was a great honour. Coda was on tour in Dubai earlier this year and performed in front of the renowned Berg Al Arab. It was a wonderful show – the audience was made up of locals and ex-pats who got quite homesick! We’ve performed in townships, shopping malls, high profile events and to royalty and our objective is always the same. Any performance where we are able to touch the audience in some way means that we’ve got it right.

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Desmond And The Tutus, SweatX: The End Is Nigh

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

Generally, South Africa draws about as many parallels to an American teen flick as Ladysmith Black Mambazo does to a Taxi Violence fan. Usually, one doesn’t see kilometer-long queues outside a club, but Desmond & The Tutus, Sweat X and Sovereign Academy DJs Richard the Third and Data Takashi obviously got some steez crackin. We check out The End is Nigh at Carfax.

Desmond and the Tutus

Like a sober 80s rocker, this downtown Jozi queue was an anomaly, a phenomenon that would by far be my standout memory of the night. I finally brushed past the bouncer with new lifelong friends and grey hairs. Once finally inside the place, which, granted, is a great party venue, we were greeted by the sounds and gyrations of Desmond and the Tutus in their skinny fit indie jeans, and the lead singer in his Mickey Mouse T-shirt – which he made himself. Does this make them a Mickey Mouse band? (Check out the killer T-shirt lead singer Shane the band made especially for the show!)

It was OK. Like when you think a leaf is going to be crunchy but you step on it an its squelchy – I was disappointed. I expected more. The upside is that with Desmonds (or Tutu? or The Tutus? – comments, please), you’ve got a couple of mismatched, image-reckless guys who love making music more than they love being musicians; totally refreshing and inspiring to see the mashup four-piece still going strong since we last saw em.

From the Tutu’s it was around the corner to another dancefloor, where DJ Richard the Third and Data Takashi played a ‘versus’ set together. This was good, and people were busting all sorts of grooves and cutting many rugs. My only concern was the amount of glo-stix that were being brandished, and the concern peaked when I saw someone with the glo-stick in their mouth and the glo stuff had come out and he had a fluorescent mouth. Something vaguely Roxette about it.

Next on the main stage was Sweat X, and boy-o-boy has p***y-mad frontman Spoek run out of steam. The once-luminous duo sure knew how to get a crowd going a few months ago, but this, their ‘last gig in Joburg for two months’, was a little less dirty and left most of us even hungrier than at their Cape Town gig a few days ago.

Much anticipated Glaswegian JD Twitch took to the main stage with an avalanche of bass, and the festival-savvy Franz Ferdinand producer, while not entirely convincing to the SA crowd, still put on a vibe of authority and kept the party alive. Now, let’s hope there’s not a queue to get out of here…

[Guest post by Moya]

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  • Desmond and the Tutus once played a gig in Cape Town to raise money to get back to Joburg.
  • Lead singer Shane plays harmonica and had this to say on JHBlive:

    “What you find out in South Africa is because it’s such a small community, everything is run by like The Skulls of the South African music industry, and you realize that you either need to make a decision to try and make it happen yourself, but then you won’t get as far, or you’re gonna decide to give yourself to The Skulls. There are hardly any Indie Lables, and the ones that do exist are these little itty bitty labels that only sign one or two bands. If you’re not willing to sign to the big corporations, they just ignore you, which leaves you in a place where you’ve got to start making things happen for yourself. That’s the route that we’re taking right now.”

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  • “Do skinny jeans make Desmond and the Tutus a Mickey Mouse band?”

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