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Ten Ways To Crash A Zebra & Giraffe Gig

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Zebra & Giraffe

Zebra and Giraffe aren’t just a tick-infested African wildlife group. Like Nine Inch Nails, the band is really just one man who directs session musicians and produces musical dance ensembles that make you wanna scream ‘foot and mouth!’ Here are ten ways to crash one of Joburg native Greg Carlin’s high-energy disco-rock gigs, like we did last Friday at Assembly, Cape Town.

Ten Ways To Crash A Z&G Gig

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Claim you’re Carlin’s girlfriend. If they say, ‘but you’re a guy’, reply with ‘only on the inside’ or ‘is it because I’m black?’
Streetlamp: 23 feet; second floor of Assembly: 17 feet. Gap:5 feet. Do some trig.
Wear anything other than skinny jeans and try not to look like Blue Steel. Balls to bacon they’ll think you’re staff

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New Dirty Skirts Album: Daddy Don’t Disco

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Hello good people,

Our apologies for being so quiet. But we have been cooking up something special for you – a new album, which is called Daddy don’t Disco. You’ll have to wait just a little bit longer as we are currently in studio recording the beast. We are doing this with Theo Crous, legendary guitarist of the Nude Girls, and now also a highly respected producer who has worked with a long list of cool bands. Now we are on that list too.

Daddy Don’t Disco
June 1st 2008: Prepare to disco…

Writing Daddy don’t Disco has been an amazing experience; it’s been very rewarding, occasionally funny, and, as anyone who writes music knows, at times goddam difficult. You’d be forgiven for thinking ‘who cares, just tell us what it sounds like.’ But we’re afraid that we just can’t do that. Not yet.

What we can show you of the album writing process you’ll find in our pre-production blogs. Check out the videos (on the “if you’re dirty” group and our band page) that examines our pre-production process, as shot by our friends at the African Attachment. Or the pre-production photographs shot by the talented Mister Ross Hillier (check out this guy’s stuff). Or just carry on reading this insightful and well written blog to fuel your erudition. What we can tell you is that the previous album On a Stellar Bender was really a collection of songs whose origination spanned at least a year and a half; the material had various authors and mirrored a changing band. To the contrary, Daddy don’t Disco was written in three very intense months. Whew.

The Dirty Skirts: Homewrecker
More Vids on our YouTube Channel! | Submit Your Own Vids!

“We knew we needed to get cracking.”

The process kicked off with writers’ shock as we realized that the months of improvising (as a methodology for generating new material) had yielded no songs. We had recorded tons of audio files, which contained sonic explorations, riffs, some interesting moments and a fair whack of nice sounding, slightly useless sound garbage. What was lacking was much evidence of strong verse/chorus relationships. With Theo Crous’s studio booked for April, and our first pre-production session with him as our producer planned for early March, we knew that we needed to get cracking, and fast.

The outcome of us knuckling down has yielded something that sounds pretty different to what we have made before. The songs “have their own being”, and have us wondering that we might have created something very unique.

Once we complete the album we will tour to the UK in late May. In June we will launch the album in South Africa and proceed to tour our country over the course of a few weeks.

All tour details will be announced through the media, our Facebook (‘If you’re dirty and you know it clap your hands‘ has moved. Here’s the new page). And don’t forget to download the free mp3s you’ll find on our Myspace

See you soon,

The Dirty Skirts

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    Pics: Johnny Neon

    Monday, February 25th, 2008

    Ever wondered what a keytar is? Ever wonder how guys like Johnny Neon seem to ooze creative cool? Ever wonder why they’ve got no security at gigs like these? Check out the weekend rundown with a gallery from Overtone photog Rich King @ The Assembly.

    all photos by Richard King

    Interview with Funk-Punk Ben.
    More Vids | Submit Vids

    Also, get the interview we did with Funk-Punk Ben a while back. Ben Rausch is one of the Sovereign Academy DJs and represents the new wave of upcoming party-savvy music talents. Based in Joburg but flitting around where he sees fit, we caught up with him in Cape Town for a brief chinwag ahead of the start of the Sovereign Academy tour. Ben Rausch performs as DJ Sassquatch, and plays dance-punk and dance-rock to legions of 8-bit fans all over the country.

    Johann Kotze is a solo electronic artist and the vocal half of dance/new wave synth outfit Johnny Neon. The group is itching to blow huge.

    Sovereign Academy throws parties all over the place, and the last time their DJs were seen spinning was at The End is Nigh party up at Carfax, Johannesburg. Overtone covered it so catch what DJs Data Takashi and Richard the Third it here.

  • Dance on Fire.mp3

    Johnny Neon is…
    Johnny Kotze: Synths & Vocals
    Funk-Punk Ben: Synths

  • JohnnyNeon.com has been taken by some “International Entrepreneur, Industrialist, Musician and Humanitarian” called John Guy Maglio. However. Myspace.com/johnnyneon has been claimed by our very own two-piece electro outfit, beeeyatch.

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    Dirty Skirts, New Loud Rockets Assemble

    Friday, December 21st, 2007

    Lightronic was pretty much the ideal name for the indie/dance-rock fest at Cape Town’s hottest new venue, Assembly, last night. New Loud Rockets, The Dirty Skirts and Lapse were welcomed by sharp lasers, the right crowd and a clean vibe to celebrate the new wave of MP3-shifting SA music.

    New Loud Rockets on Overtone

    The litmus test of a serious musician or band is what they drink on stage. Water may be boring, but at least it won’t leave you feeling like you’ve been on a stellar bender at the MCQP the night before. It’s not a backstabber like that.

    The Assembly, CT: what a spot! It looks like an abandoned parking garage from the outside, but once you’re inside, you’re taken on a slick Hacienda-clone factory layout with LOADS of space, a (still) spotless floor and cool air conditioning. Beers go for R12, the crowd is a straightforward crew of middle-to-upper crust hipsters, with funky accessories and the occasional pink hairdo. With the degenerated but familiar Mercury Live and The Shack just around the corner, this could quickly become the best live music venue in town, o ye fickle, vibe-chasing Cape Town kids.

    The Dirty Skirts and their now classic sound…   
    More Vids

    The bill was New Loud Rockets, Dirty Skirts and DJ Lapse, who we skipped in lieu of midnight swimming at the Mount Nelson (seriously — nobody asks questions at 5-star hotels.) He’s on again on the 27th, and we may check ‘im then [email the ed if you feel like covering the gig -- we're looking for journalists: john@overtone.co.za].

    New Loud Rockets is the latest incarnation in the rubber-stamp indie dance-rock factory (a la The Beams, Greenisforturbo, etc). Led by a stylish, suited Brandon Flowers-esque Johnny Seth, the five-piece did well last night, over-priming the crowd for the Skirts. In the words of one of our crew, “it’s the testament to a good disco-rock support band to draw people to the floor.” The New Loud Rockets boast a rehearsed freehold over both vocal and instrumental dance-rock that will soak your attention, no matter how far back you’re standing.

    Aaah, The Dirty Skirts. Funny that, their act was surprisingly cleaner than when we last saw em, and, yes, water. You all know their music, so we won’t bother with that. According to another buddy, guitarist David “don’t look like he fit in — maybe with a pink jacket or something.”

    Nonetheless, it was a flawless, CD-quality set from the Skirts, but one can’t help but ask “what’s next?” They’ve been around for ages now, and it’s gonna either be one of two things: innovate, or just keep pumping the volume. For a band with a shaizer-hot new website, and electro remix of opening song Feeling the Pressure as their backing track, we won’t be surprised if the Skirts follow their creative calling to move beyond the boundaries in SA dance-rock that they themselves have pioneered. Hint hint: we’ve personally seen drummer Markie De toying with an electronic drum sequencer…

    Beyond the music, it was a celebrity-packed affair last night. Spotted were Van Coke Kartel‘s Francois van Coke and Wynand Myburgh, Kidofdoom’s Johan Auriacombe, Fokof’s Hunter Kennedy, New Academics‘ freestyling emcee frontman Joe Penn, Lark’s Inge Beckmann fresh off her stop on the Rollercoaster. You get the idea. MP3-fuelled live music culture is out of the dip. Get to Assembly if you’re in Cape Town, and SIGN UP FOR OUR NATIONAL GIG GUIDE NEWSLETTER on the left hand side — all SA’s gigs to your inbox. Now, where’d I leave my towel…?

    Think we’re cool? Wanna cover gigs for Overtone? Join the growing editorial team and live music industry. Email the ed for more: john@overtone.co.za

    When Who What ZAR
    21 Dec 8pm Rudimentals, Fly Paper Jet, The Beams ska, jazz rock, dance-rock 50 online/60
    22 Dec 8pm Sibot, Magnum Hi-Fi, Liver electro, glitch-hop free (10pm)/30
    27 Dec 8pm Kidofdoom, Blk Jks, Yesterday’s Pupil synth-rock, rock, electro 50 online/60
    29 Dec 8pm Flash Republic, Leighton Moody, Ivan electro, house 50 online/60

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