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Pics: Johnny Neon

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Ever wondered what a keytar is? Ever wonder how guys like Johnny Neon seem to ooze creative cool? Ever wonder why they’ve got no security at gigs like these? Check out the weekend rundown with a gallery from Overtone photog Rich King @ The Assembly.

all photos by Richard King

Interview with Funk-Punk Ben.
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Also, get the interview we did with Funk-Punk Ben a while back. Ben Rausch is one of the Sovereign Academy DJs and represents the new wave of upcoming party-savvy music talents. Based in Joburg but flitting around where he sees fit, we caught up with him in Cape Town for a brief chinwag ahead of the start of the Sovereign Academy tour. Ben Rausch performs as DJ Sassquatch, and plays dance-punk and dance-rock to legions of 8-bit fans all over the country.

Johann Kotze is a solo electronic artist and the vocal half of dance/new wave synth outfit Johnny Neon. The group is itching to blow huge.

Sovereign Academy throws parties all over the place, and the last time their DJs were seen spinning was at The End is Nigh party up at Carfax, Johannesburg. Overtone covered it so catch what DJs Data Takashi and Richard the Third it here.

  • Dance on Fire.mp3

    Johnny Neon is…
    Johnny Kotze: Synths & Vocals
    Funk-Punk Ben: Synths

  • JohnnyNeon.com has been taken by some “International Entrepreneur, Industrialist, Musician and Humanitarian” called John Guy Maglio. However. Myspace.com/johnnyneon has been claimed by our very own two-piece electro outfit, beeeyatch.

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