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Your Weekend | CPT DBN JHB | 13th – 15th Jun

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Pick a city

Welcome to Overtone’s weekend gig guide. Hit the site every Friday morning to find out what’s happening around South Africa for the weekend, and leave a comment if there’s anything we’ve missed out on. Also, register as a band or artist to post your own gigs in our events guide.


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Thekwini/DBN | Events | Weekend | 13th – 15th Jun

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Weekend events guide for Thekwini/DBN for the 13th – 15th June 2008. Published every Thursday evening.

Fri 13th

Sat 14th

Sun 15th

Burn Nightclub MaxNormal.tv The Arrows + New Academics  
BAT Centre   Youth 4 Unity Youth 4 Unity
Chain & Sprocket 7th Son + Sibling Rivalry + The Social Workers Kill Xenocide  
Luna Lounge Kloof     Madala Kunene and Guy Buttery
Society GoldFish    
Tastes of Africa   Carters Window  
Willowwvale Hotel The Privates + Gonzo Republic + Mixin Vixin    

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    Youth 4 Unity | BAT Centre, DBN | Sat 14th Jun

    Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

    Hey there. Some small news about the Youth 4 Unity gig. We have had some suggestions that the price for the Saturday night is too high for the people that frequent such shows. In response, we are making you guys an offer:

    For Saturday night only, if you bring a fair sized food/clothes donation, you will get a price reduction. With a large food/clothes donation, you will get in for R20, a moderate one, R30, and with no donation at all, you will pay the full R40.

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    Photos: Counting Crows | 2008 Cape Town | Pics | Video

    Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

    …and when massive public figures even touch on issues like apartheid, you know that you’re either likely to be angered by ignorance or entertained by stupidity. But Adam Duritz, the lyrical frontman of Counting Crows, put it pretty simply last night at the Grand Arena: we’ve come a helluva long way, and we should be proud of our country.

    Counting Crows

    It’s not the first time the Crows have touched South African soil, and it’s certainly not the first time that the gifted songwriters have cast a spell over their audience. Counting Crows’ third visit to Mzansi – ending, this time, in the Mother City – was a spectacular, nostalgic concert. On a personal note, there was a time when all I had to protect my sensitive, artistic side was my brother’s friend’s copy of Recovering the Satellites and a then-new CD player in the lounge of my childhood home.

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    Your Weekend | CPT DBN JHB | 6th – 8th Jun

    Friday, June 6th, 2008

    It’s the weekend, baby! Counting Crows kick off their tour in Jozi tonight, followed by eThekwini (DBN) on Sunday evening. Aside from the globetrotting super-mellow country/alternative rock outfit cruising the shores of Mzansi, we’ve got the usual crew of bands and gigs happening in and around the major cities.

    We’re also celebrating the launch of Your Weekend, our weekly gig guide that gives you a headstart and helps you get through the day. Your Weekend Events Guide: every Friday morning. This is the first week, and stuff will improve as time goes on for sure. For now, consider this the opening act. The headliner’s still on the way.

    Also take note that we’ve started a new category for Facebook news. The Overtone Facebook Inbox is the crossing point for loads of different bands, DJs, venues and artists around the country. Twice a day we hit our inbox and publish anything and everything. Check it out…

    There’s no substitute for getting out and watching a gig or event and meeting good people in the same space as you. So, like, get out. Pick a city to see the weekend’s lineup and go NUTS this weekend.

    CPT/iKapa | JHB & Tshwane | DBN/Thekwini

    Also visit these awesome local live music and dance gig guide sites in case we miss out on anything.

    Playground Amplify
    Levi’s Music Mag
    3am Psytrance
    All The Shows
    The Guide
    Biz E-Blog

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    Durban/Thekwini | Events | Weekend | 6th – 8th Jun

    Friday, June 6th, 2008

    Weekend events guide for Durban/Thekwini for the 6th – 8th June 2008. Published every Thursday evening.


    Fri 6th

    Sat 7th

    Sun 8th

    Burn Nightclub Martin Rocka And The Sick Shop Burn The Show
    The Kiff
    All Forlorn
    Haggis and Bong
    The Red Door Martin Rocka And The Sick Shop Redhouse  
    The ICC Counting Crows  
    The Red Door   Kill Xenocide  

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    Something To Crow About | Counting Crows In SA | Tickets

    Thursday, May 29th, 2008

    Big Concerts & KFM 94.5 are proud to announce the return of American super-group COUNTING CROWS. Scoring a perfect hat-trick, their 3rd tour to South Africa, will see them kicking off at Johannesburg?s Coca-Cola Dome on 6 June, before heading to the Durban International Convention Centre on 8 June , and finally Cape Town?s Grand Arena at Grand West Casino & Entertainment World, on 10 June 2008.

    Their first South African tour in 1999 proved a huge success, as they played sold-out shows country wide, and then again to almost 37 000 fans during their 2004 tour.

    We are thrilled to be hosting one of the biggest bands in the world today on the South African stage. Counting Crows has a huge following in South Africa and remains a firm favourite among our listeners,? said Ian Bredenkamp KFM 94.5 station manager.

    Their latest album, ?Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings?, is due for release on 25 March and represents the latest and arguably greatest chapter in a story that began with the band?s highly auspicious 1993 debut, ?August And Everything After?.

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    Burn – The TV Show: Download Hi-Res Version

    Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

    Quick note from Shaughn Pieterse to say that you can now download a hi-res version of Webisode One of Burn – The TV Show.

    Burn - The TV Show

    Burn – The TV Show was created by the folks over at Make Some Noise.co.za as a response to the increasing interest in Internet Radio. The show features behind-the-scenes interviews with bands playing at Burn Nightclub, and splices footage of the show into each half-hour webisode. More here…

    Webisode One of Burn – The TV Show: Hi-res

  • Burn – The TV Show
  • Feature: Is Durban Dead?
  • BurnTheShow.co.za
  • MakeSomeNoise.co.za

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    Pics: Sarah Bettens, Stealing Love Jones

    Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

    South Africa recently played host to former K’s Choice lead singer Sarah Bettens. The Belgian made her South African trip after taking a break from the band in 2006 and doing her own thing. Fresh back from Atlanta and the United States and fronted by the increasingly sexy Miss Jones, recently renamed rock group Stealing Love Jones opened up for Bettens, and we have the pics to prove it.

    All photography © Duwayne Smith / Alchemy Photography [contact]

  • Stealing Love Jones Tour Diary/April Gig Guide

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    Is Durban Dead?

    Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

    Softcocks. That’s Durban in the the week. Having only spent a total of about five days in Durban in my life, I blame my last job for my misperceptions of Thekwini as a throbbing, party-hardy town. My last job, rewriting paradoxically boring extreme sports press releases, involved chasing the headlines set by the likes of beefy Bluff surf alpha male Jordy Smith. Jordy makes the World Qualifying Series at age 19. Jordy is 6-foot and has a steady girl. Jordy eats nachos by the wheelbarrow. I reckoned I had it set: Durban was a land of bronzed, English-speaking gods of adventure. Bah.

    Méa: holding the fort or charging the castle?

    I was whisked away on family business to meet Jesus (more on the Mighty Men conference in KZN), and instead, ended up in Burn nightclub as part of Overtone’s recent “research” tour. [Hey, it's the SA music industry, and we've got massive business gaps and a coastline, and someone's gonna get smart pretty soon - ed]. Anyway, the place was emptier than a Zim dairy. I’d heard of hell freezing over, and Burn had a bunch of drinks competitions and a few terrifyingly enthusiastic guys dressed as Gorillas (no, not the see-through band), but not many people. In the back of the large, demonically-lit club, a three-man Muse-rock outfit by the name of Méa powered out some numbers with great promise. But the tiny crowd at Burn rendered my preconceptions of the eagerly-awaited Durban steak a little overdone. Damn.

    “Durban is a city that has seems to have fallen out of favour in recent years. Say you like the place to anyone outside of it and you get reponses like, ‘Ja, it’s okay but hardly anything really happens there anymore. It’s a bit of a nothing place.”

    I’d carried out a conversation with Durban metal outfit Contrast the Water‘s lead man Barry Drewett earlier, while securing my helpful complimentaries. I knew his type the minute I saw ‘im. Fuckin legend. Saved his number on my phone on the way down the stairs immediately after. Does the band for passion (and festivals like Ramfest), and manages the Stanford Hill live music mecca for business. He seemed genuinely pleased to see me, and seemed to be taking the turnout in his stride.

    “Yeah, bit slow tonight,” he confessed, mentioning to venue co-driver Delia to slip me and my brother/lift on the list. “Got a group on later. Come by for a beer or something!”

    Even the entertainment pages of the local papers seemed reluctant to demolish their brick-and-mortar credibilty by painting a portrait of the Durban of old. Heerlik! Die hemelstad by die see! With disgusting, apartheid-era blocks of flats blocking the locals’ views and giving the Joburg aristocrats a place to park for a few days while Hertzog and the boys systematically unthreaded the country’s international reputation. “However,” writes Oliver Roberts in the Sunday Times (Apr 20th, 2008), “Durban is a city that has seems to have fallen out of favour in recent years. Say you like the place to anyone outside of it and you get reponses like, ‘Ja, it’s okay but hardly anything really happens there anymore. It’s a bit of a nothing place.’”

    Glen Bo has other things to say. Chatted to the comedian while I was up there, and he’s a smart chap. Bought me a coffee, too. Bo is a witty, self-made entertainer who’s spent five years doing music stuff in the United Kingdom. Taking the helm of local street mag Grrit, Bo, like us, has big plans for the circuit. I find myself wishing I’d got him on the record, but the gist of what he said was that the Durban scene is throbbing. We just don’t hear about it. And hey, if Splashy Fen can conjure up 15,000 people on the same weekend as Joburg’s CokeFest, we’re not just keeping heads above. SA music is leading by two lengths in Olympic butterfly.

    So, kids. Despite kick-ass local groups like Fire Through The Window, innovative moves like Burn – The TV ShowBurn – The TV Show and men in gorilla suits finding out the hard way to drink through plastic face-lips, is Durban lagging? I’m not gonna end this by washing it over with some generic Homer Simpsonism like, “Honey, everywhere is fun…if you’re high enough” but rather to open it up to you. I, for one, had a good time popping into Méa, armed with a camera and a pen, but haven’t been drunk at a gig for donkey’s years (donkey-balls, huh). And Florida Road didn’t seem like it needed any help at 8.30pm. But, hey. What do you think? Comments below, bitches. And keep the vibe alive — if you think it’s alive in the first place.

  • Burn – The TV Show
  • MyCokeFest 08: 30 Minutes To Muse
  • SA Music: Why You Should Get Involved
  • Are South African Musicians Fulfilled?
  • Grrit Home
  • Méa on Facebook (update your site, dudes)
  • Burn Nightclub Home
  • Contrast The Water

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    Burn – The TV Show

    Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

    Straight back from one of our routine party trips up to Durban and still half-asleep, Overtone did a little insight into the Internet TV show that’s getting a Internet buzz going. Filmed exclusively at Burn Nightlub in Durbz, the live music show is another way the local music industry is getting around the big boys, and doing things our own way. MakeSomeNoise.co.za’s Shaughn sheds some more light…

    Burn - The TV Show

    What is Burn – The TV Show?

    Burn The Show is a online alternative music show created by Make Some Noise and Burn Nightclub. The TV show is 100% online and is powered by www.mynoise.co.za . The idea is to showcase as many different bands from around SA. Go watch the TV SHOW www.burntheshow.co.za

    You’ve got a schedule that stretches into December. How’s the organizing going?

    No problems at all, its been pretty smooth, Burn are extremely professional in what they do. Make Some Noise and Mynoise have their sides covered and we just press forward and try produce something interesting to watch for 10 – 15min a week..

    You guys are breaking new ground here. What have the challenges been so far?

    Well teaming up with the right people is key as I said earlier. We are working with the best people for the job in each field so it makes it a lot easier, we also don’t rely on traditional systems and ways of doing things. I am sure there are challenges ahead, but so far its going very smoothly, time consuming, but smooth.

    We don’t see any ‘Nokias’ or ‘Vodacoms’ involved. Are you looking for corporate sponsorship, or do you aim to remain rooted in the underground?

    We will work with just about anyone who wants to support OUR ideas and concepts. We won’t change or adapt what we do to suit them, but if they want to get involved to support the show and the scene for what it is then we will happily work with them. Using the NET makes things different. We are as underground as it can get really by being and online FREE show.

    Internet TV is on the rise, with sites like Joost clearly aimed at eliminating analogue broadcast. How do you guys feel about the move away from TV?

    At present we have had over 55 000 plays on our radio channel, the TV show was the next natural step. In the DSTV poll rock won the vote for the new music channel 80 to 20 over hip hop. Yet they made the channel a hip hop channel…Internet TV is FREE and its uncensored and we can play music our scene is interested in….

    Make Some Noise has become the leading community portal for SA music lifestyle. Are you guys coping?

    We have a VERY dedicated and committed team of people working for Make Some Noise, and things are going real well along with many new developments in the pipeline. It’s a good start to 2008 with the TV show and the response has been amazing.

    Any last words about the South African music scene?

    Go watch the TV SHOW www.burntheshow.co.za. See you online.

  • Vid: Pestroy: Locked Out At Ramfest
  • Interview: The Hellphones Have Their Say
  • Interview: Wickhead
  • Who Are CrashCarBurn?
  • Makesomenoise.co.za
  • MyNoise.co.za
  • AllTheShows.co.za
  • NoiseHosting.co.za

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    Eric Clapton: SA’s Top Musicians Pay Tribute

    Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

    For two nights only, the Steak & Ale Live Music venue will host The Eric Clapton ‘Slowhand’ Tribute Show. On 7 & 8 April 2008, locals can indulge in the legendary sounds of Eric Clapton, brought to life by seven of South Africa’s top musicians and vocalists.

    Eric Clapton

    The show will take you on a journey of Clapton’s career, his music, personal struggles and his legacy. Songs from Wonderful Tonight to Layla to Tears in Heaven will be supremely presented by Werner van der Hoven on Acoustic & Rhythm guitar and Lead Vocals, ably supported by the tribute band comprising Henry Steel on Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals; Dale Schnetler on Drums and Backing Vocals; Andrew ‘Rixi’ Roman on Bass and Backing Vocals; René Piet on Piano/Keyboard/Synthesizers and Gideon Meintjes on Percussion. The sublime Natalie Chapman on Vocals, will also perform the duty of Narrator of the show. Gareth Wilson of Southern Gypsey Queen features on guitar as a special guest.

    Produced by singer/songwriter Werner van der Hoven, this excellent production promises a night of pure Clapton pleasure in a venue to suit an occasion, not to be missed.


    Couvert is R100 per person and prior booking is essential on 012 664 5155.

    Patrons will also be able to experience Distell’s new Black Bottle Whiskey, on promotion during the shows as well as stand two chances of winning Clapton CD/DVD hampers sponsored by Phase2 CD’s Centurion, in a SMS competition. To enter, simply answer the following questions:

    Which Clapton song reached #1 on the US Billboard charts? OR For whom did Clapton write Layla?

    Text getSMS CLAPTON [your answer] to 35010 (Winners will be notified via SMS and must be at one of the shows to claim the prize. SMSs cost R3). Clint Guthrie of SignPrint Media has generously sponsored all the posters, flyers and pop-up banners, supplementing the exposure provided by Sound Issue Media and www.samusic.co.za, for this show.

    The Details

    The Eric Clapton ‘Slowhand’ Tribute Show featuring Werner van der Hoven, Henry Steel, Dale Schnetler, Rixi Roman, René Piet, Gideon Meintjes, Natalie Chapman and special guest Gareth Wilson.
    Date: 7 & 8 April 2008
    Venue: Steak & Ale, 66 Botha Avenue, Lyttelton, Centurion
    Couvert: R100
    Time: 20:00
    Telephone: 012 664 5155 (prior booking is essential)

  • Eric Clapton is one of the only musicians to be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame on three occasions: for his work with The Yardbirds, Cream and as a solo artist.

  • Join the Facebook page

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    Overtone Event Coordination: Present Your Event In Style.

    Thursday, April 10th, 2008

    Overtone has built relationships with hundreds of performing artists and bands all over South Africa. With access to artists of all genres and styles we are able to suit any specific requirement you may have.

    Create Your Event
    Throw a professional and stylish corporate or public event through Overtone.

    Have Overtone co-ordinate your entire event, let us find you a venue, provide your entertainment, stage, lighting, sound, catering and even your event security. Bands are welcoming us the new face of South African entertainment and a portal to gain exposure, no matter where they’re located in the country.

    Clients are also realising that we operate on a level of professionalism seldom found in South African music. We aim to be the link between our wealth of talented and diverse artists and the demand for entertainment.

    Book And Sponsor Live Local Music

    Sponsor SA Bands via Overtone – Directly access SA Bands via sponsorships and competitions. Overtone handles all mediation and provides you with an accountable point of contact for the often inaccessible entertainers. Get your logo onto stages, posters and websites. Contact us.

    Overtone Site Corporate Makeover

    The Overtone Music Portal can be converted to carry your logos and corporate ID. Your brand can appear as the primary sponsor for Overtone and ultimately behind SA music and entertainment. Your brand can back all our content and even the music players.

    all shots © Rob Beugelink / Overtone


    The Planet Art
    32 Jamieson St
    Cape Town
    (o) overtone.co.za

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  • Bands! Let Us Help You!

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    Overtone Printing & Design Services: Get The Word Out

    Thursday, April 10th, 2008

    You know how they say, “get the word out?” Well there aint no power like word on the street. Word on the street is gospel truth. It’s anonymous. It’s underground. So get the word about your gig or event out through one of our affordable, band-friendly street printing campaigns.

    Overtone is now printing high quality posters and fliers in all regular sizes. Make sure you have a powerful presence on the streets for every one of your events.

    5000 – Full Colour – A6 Fliers – R 2500
    5000 – 2 tone – A6 Fliers – R 1700
    100 – Full Colour – A3 Poster – R 1160
    100 – Full Colour – Poster Banners – R1635

    Overtone graphic designers are on hand when you require them.


    The Planet Art
    32 Jamieson St
    Cape Town
    (o) overtone.co.za

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    Get Gigs. Get Sold. Get Shot. Get Noticed.

    Thursday, April 10th, 2008

    So, as an artist, you’ve got your set together and you’ve done the open mike thing and you’re looking for more exposure as a South African musician or entertainer. Now what? Get represented, cling-wrapped and booked through Overtone Artist Management, that’s what.

    Get Represented
    Get noticed through Overtone Artist Management.

    Arts & Culture is a rapidly growing field of the South African psyche. The recording industry is doing a u-turn, we’re preparing for a new phase in our political environment, and the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup is set to ignite the country’s self-esteem as a point of international interest. What better climate for African Arts & Culture to be exposed?

    Here’s where we come in..

    Bands, music groups, solo artists and entertainers: get on the Overtone production line by:

    registering as an artist on Overtone.co.za. It’s free
    signing up for our monthly, sponsored band shoots and get your image made
    ordering a glossy folder containing your press information, photos and your demo, EP or album
    having customised merchandise selling at your gigs
    selling your MP3s in our online store

    Call, mail, facebook or visit us now to get gigs, get sold, and get noticed.

    Email us for a copy of our Online Music Store Contract

    … a short company overview.

    Overtone provides music industry services at every level, from artist bookings, PR, event coordination, music production and online music sales. Overtone has run events since 2003 and launched its online presence in 2005.

    Between January and March 2008 alone Overtone received in excess of 45000 unique visitors on to our website , more than 91000 visits, and displayed in excess of 1700000 web pages.

    We are expanding rapidly. [More...]

    Email us for our Overtone Products and Services Menu.


    The Planet Art
    32 Jamieson St
    Cape Town
    (o) overtone.co.za

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    How We Met Zoopy At The SA Blog Awards

    Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

    In brand-new Overtone T-shirts, we descended upon the SA Blog Awards last night as the final hands were being put together for the winners of the Best SA Music Blog category. We didn’t win. We didn’t really feel like we’d entered. But there was free Butlers pizza, and the beers were cold, so we’ll call it quits.

    Zoopy: Just say it! Zoooo-peeeey…

    While going through the social motions and quietly, slowly sinking into mild inebriation, my eyes wandered around the room and realised I probably know every single person in the place by their email addresses or Internet nicknames, but recognised nobody. Typical bloggers.

    One of the most animated characters was a chap who’s real name doesn’t matter anyway. Seriously, this guy was more jivey than a caffeine-pickled emoticon. He blabbed for a while about Zoopy, and explained the origin of the name: a word that is pronounced the same in pretty much by speakers of every South African language. Just say it. “Zoopy.” Hee hee.

    Anyhow, the point is that there’s a splendid site behind the name for local YouTube and MyVideo regulars who are irate because when they search for “Prime Circle” they get an online geometry lesson. Zoopy features videos, photos, podcasts, user blogs, themed channels, groups and all the other typical trimmings of the local online community. Upload and enjoy.

    To be brutal, the blog section is dominated by Zoopy itself, and for some reason, the video section is going through a bit of a gay Afrikaans phase, but don’t let that put you off. It’s the new South Africa.

    Visit Zoopy Now!

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    Tristan Waterkeyn Trio Hits Joburg!

    Monday, March 31st, 2008

    The thing about Slaapstad is that you sometimes gotta hunt for the party. If your Sunday night turns into sleepy time, forget spots that charge R10 for a party that aint there. Get over to Joburg, cos they’ve got free live music every Sunday at 9pm, and the stuff goes off.

    Tristan Waterkeyn Trio
    Joburg, Long St: Free live music every Sunday night.

    Last night was our perennial favourite, Tristan Waterkeyn, who, by the looks of things, has just garnered a bit of a residency and a full band line-up, including Jaime ‘Jay’ Sandoval on drums & Omar Kimmie on bass. Badass, rocking adaptations of what began as chillout folk rock you might find playing at a Mozambiquan beach bar. But now, the Tanzanian-born baritone has grown a guitar strap and a pair of rock-balls and plays uptempo, high-energy music. Bush meets Linton Kwesi Johnson.

    Joburg is a super place that’s somewhat difficult to review, because you’ve already been there. For the record, it’s an urban, industrial-themed glitter-bar with the most chilled out clients and a seemingly lawless music set-list, oscillating between hip hop, live rock and trash-pop. Awesome.

    Anyways, here are a few pics from last night. The dude’s playing again on the 20th April. Check out the rest of the Joburg gigs in our guide or on their Facebook group.



    “Joburg Bar is an urban, industrial-themed glitter-bar with the most chilled out clients and a seemingly lawless music set-list, oscillating between hip hop, live rock and trash-pop. Awesome.”

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    Red Bull Music Academy: SA Workshops

    Monday, March 31st, 2008

    Message from Red Bull Music Academy on Facebook:

    Red Bull in association with The Unlearn Agency brings to you the following workshops feat. Wordsworth, Ben Sharpa and Ron Trent!

    Be sure not to miss out!

    DBN workshop – 2nd April at the BAT Centre at 19h00 (Wordsworth, Ben Sharpa)
    CPT workshop – 3rd April at the Waiting room at 19h00. (Wordsworth, Ron Trent)
    JHB workshop – 4th April Fuel Café Newtown at 19h00 (Ron Trent and Wordsworth)

    Artists Bios:


    As his name suggests, Brooklyn-bred microphone fiend Wordsworth is the epitome of a true Hip-Hop wordsmith. At a time when the rap market is flooded with cookie-cutter sensations who churn out forgettable pop hits rather than solid albums, this Lyricist Lounge All-Star is looking to the past to reinvigorate the present by recalling Hip-Hop’s golden age of 1994 — when the beats were hard and emcees talked to listeners about relevant topics they could relate to.

    Ron Trent

    Ron Trent is one of the most influential house music producers ever to emerge from the Windy City or beyond, infusing simmering, warm kicks ‘n’ hats with the legacy of what he calls “conscience jazz-fusion”. The stepping stones laid down by pioneers like Gary Bartz, Ahmad Jamal and John Coltrane are joined by the words of leaders like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King and brought forward into a futuristic musical form that’s filled with the strength of knowing whence it came. His 1990 release Altered States on Warehouse Records influenced not only the development of house but all 4/4-based music that came in its wake. His earlier collaborations with producer Chez Damier were pieces of dancefloor poetry, released on KMS Records,
    and his own Prescription label, begun in the early ’90s, is respected around the world as just what the doctor ordered, for its unique combo of raw & moody deep sounds.

    Ben Sharpa

    Kgotso Semela aka Ben Sharpa (born March 25, 1977 in Soweto, South Africa) is a veteran underground rapper and music producer. Considered by many as one of South Africa’s most accomplished lyricists, Ben Sharpa is a founding member of cult crews GroundWorks and Audio Visual. Ben Sharpa has shared the stage with artists such as Immortal Technique (June 2005), Jonzi-D (June 2003), Black Thought (August 2001), Mr. Len and Jean Grae (May 2001). In June
    2006, Sharpa headlined alongside Wordsworth and Jonzi-D as part of the Tri-Continental Hip Hop Festival – a historical 3-city Hip Hop tour that was held to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Youth Month in South Africa. He is also a founding member of the performance crew for the annual Hip-Hop Connected lyrical theatre event held at Artscape Theatre in Cape Town every September (Heritage Month). In 2007 He was
    discovered by accomplished BB1 Radio DJ Mary-Anne Hobbs, and soon after performed at the annual Glastonbury Festival (June 2007) on the BBC Introduces Stage.

    For more info please contact Dominique Soma on 084 301 0983!

  • Wanna go to Barcelona? Grab the Red Bull Music Academy 2008 Application Form (right click/save target as)
  • Vote For Rocking The Daisies Lineup
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    Fire Through The Window Play On

    Friday, March 28th, 2008

    Maybe it’s the fact that they play like they’re playing to 10,000 people instead of a seated crowd of 30, or maybe it’s the fact that they’re more of a romantic couple singing their way to 5fm playlists and debut albums. Whichever, Fire Through The Window are more fun on stage than a high Aristophanes. Check out more on the Thursday night Cape stop of their SA tour at Cafe Sofia in Rondebosch.

    Fire Through The Window

    If you’re from somewhere other than band hometown Durban, you may not have heard the story. FTTW is a couple by the name of Marc de la Querra and Sinead Dennis, who started out when he wrote her a “dreamy, romantic, catchy, pop songs”, and she sang along. They roped Sid Rash (drums) and Matt Coombes (bass) and decided to record an album and tour the country. And last night, we caught up with them for the first time.

    More Vids on our YouTube Channel! | Submit Your Own Vids!

    “We got the name from a war play, where an officer shouts, ‘Fire through the window!’ to his troops,” explains Sinead, the jet-black-haired lead singer, a cross between Andrea Corr and Norah Jones after a few espressos. “We both liked that line and it kinda stuck.”

    Guitarist, backup vocalist and songwriter and Marc bashes out chord hooks you might hear in a Strokes number, and lapses into Americanisms from time to time, but still passes the Can’t Test. You know the Can’t Test: how you pronounce the word “can’t” determines where you’re from. If the ‘a’ is like the ‘a’ in ‘carrot’, you’re around 80% Americanised. If it’s a long, drawled out “caaan’t”, you’re going for South England. And you’re South African if it sounds, well, normal.

    It was a wicked gig. Why? Because the actual music was pretty fun and upbeat, but it’s been heard before. Cassette, for one, may do well to pick up these guys as a support act. However, the energy of the show, the constant eye contact and smiles and moments are what make this an act convincing enough to a musician like myself and the average fan alike. Whatever it is, they got it.

    Cafe Sofia took over the live music scene in Rondebosch from the Coffee Bean recently, and are now doing free Thursday night gigs, with artists ranging from sentimental singer-songwriters to full band pop, rock and even punk sets. I didn’t know what to expect, but I’ll be back. Where else do you go on a Thursday night without a car? Catch more on this spot at the Cafe Sofia Facebook Group.

    When Who What Where ZAR
    Fri 28 Mar FTTW / Redflecks Indie pop rock Evol, CPT n/a
    Sat 29 Mar FTTW / Redflecks Indie pop rock The Assembly, CPT n/a
    Sun 30 Mar FTTW / Redflecks Indie pop rock Tapas, PE n/a
    Mon 31 Mar FTTW / Redflecks Indie pop rock The Union, Grahamstown n/a
    Fri 4 Apr FTTW / Redflecks Indie pop rock Willowvale, DBN n/a
    More gigs…
  • Splashy Fen 2008: Music And Mud
  • Cassette, The Privates Corner Seated Audience
  • Ménage à Sept With Some Llamas
  • FTTW on Myspace
  • FTTW on Facebook
  • FTTW have a wiki!

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    Redflecks Hit SA Shores

    Thursday, March 20th, 2008

    Direct from Music City USA: Cashville, Thrashville, Nashvegas, The Buckle of the Bible Belt a.k.a Nashville Tennessee, hails a new young band with a mighty mighty sound that is earning them a growing reputation beyond the borders of their musical hometown. If you haven’t yet heard of Redflecks, it absolutely won’t be too long before you do – catch them now as they bring it on home to royal KZN!

    Redflecks: Live at Fearless Music, NYC
    More Vids on our YouTube Channel! | Submit Your Own Vids!

    UpriseZine Magazine USA described them as a band, half of which is female, that play a fun version of indie rock, alternative with lots of 80′s new wave and post-punk influences.”

    The Lafayette Alternative Press chose to call them a female fronted rock influx if Blondie and The Strokes were to have a sonic lovechild, it would sound like this band.

    Redflecks are nearing the end of their SA tour but are definitely saving the best for last as they rock up to rock out with Durban new legends Fire Through The Window.

    The band will be showcasing material off their 2006 debut full-length album (The Story Cannot End) as well as songs off the newly released Stateside EP entitled The Shiny Part.

    Tuesday, March 25 @ The Waiting Room with FireThroughTheWindow
    Friday, March 28: EVOL: “Burn Party” – live remix set with FireThroughTheWindow
    Saturday, March 29: The Assembly with FireThroughTheWindow

    Visit their MySpace site: http://www.myspace.com/redflecks, go to http://www.redflecks.com or search for them on Facebook.



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