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Joy Division: About And For Musicians

Monday, July 14th, 2008

It’s before 9am — the least suitable time of the day to be writing about a film dealing with post-punk in the early 80s, unless, of course, you’re still grimy and sweated out from the night before. It’s fookin freezing. Not just the weather, the town. I mean, where’s the ACTION, where’s the FUN, the Eurobeat, the CULTURE?! The sun has risen like some harbinger of a blunt, unwelcome truth: South Africa, the electricity of your resistance has gone out.

Joy Division

Ok, you want resistance?! Here: I’m switching over to Firefox (resist IE! It’s the devil!) and starting a new Facebook group protesting the price of petrol. Huh?! Huh?! How about that! Who’s with me comrades? All right. Forget that. Now I’m resisting Eskom. I’m gonna design a few viral email pictures and talk about loadshedding over the dinner table while everyone else tries to enjoy their night. Take that, powerhouse fatcats! No, no, wait! I have it! My car was recently broken into, so now I’m gonna bitch about crime and how powerless I am while just outside, some tsotsi in a beanie that looks like a condom loiters around waiting for madam to approach the car, on the phone, keys jangling like a placid Jersey cow waiting to be chopped up into little bits and tuned into crimeburgers on the statistic production-line.

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Encounters Film Festival 2008 | Music Films

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

This year, Encounters Film Festival 2008 is putting special emphasis on music in film. Hey, with a lineup that includes a Joy Division film and puts the spotlight on Cameroonian hip hop, this one’s perfectly suited to Crossover Music month on Overtone.

Encounters Film Festival 2008

?Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.? – Jimi Hendrix.

?… often I can’t listen to music. It acts on my nerves. It makes one want to say a lot of sweet nonsense and stroke the heads of people who live in a filthy hell-hole, and yet can create such beauty.” – Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov (Lenin)

Music is a constant companion to human endeavour and exists everywhere a person would give voice to his/her spirit. Whether we are working, playing, or fighting, celebrating life, or mourning, there is music that expresses how we feel and accompanies us in our efforts. Like in previous years, Encounters looks at different genres of music, ranging from Hip Hop in Cameroon and South Africa, to classical music, takes its audience to post-war Manchester, that inspired the lads that would become famous as Joy Division, showcases specific instruments such as the Mbira in Zimbabwe and observes the making of a very special instrument, a Steinway grand piano.

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