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Billy Talent Live @ The Wavehouse

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

According to the front man of Billy Talent, Canada makes the best beer….well after last night’s concert it’s clear that the country has much more to offer than just cold beverages.

Durban was the last leg of Billy Talent’s South African tour, and the energy that the band, and the supporting act, The Dirty Skirts, brought to the stage could have fooled anyone into thinking it was the first concert. There was no holding back, no tailing off, every minute of each band’s set was explosive.

The supporting band, Cape Town band The Dirty Skirts, took to the stage earlier than expected at around 7pm and proceeded to warm the crowd right up. Personally I’m a fan of the band, so it was pretty hard to stand still and take pictures when they played some of their catchier songs. Though looking back, and from chatting to people at the event, I’m not sure they were the best choice as the sole supporting act. The Dirty Skirts sound is very dance and radio friendly, while the fans attracted by Billy Talent tended to be into a harder sound. But to give credit to The Dirty Skirts, I think they won over alot of the non-believers during their set, the crowd was really getting into it. They also put on a very energetic show which leads into Billy Talent’s set perfectly.

When Billy Talent took over the stage the crowd really went wild. Their set was just amazing from start to finish. The lead singer had enough energy to power a small country and he used every inch of it. The whole band was very professional in their execution of their songs, and the whole set flowed flawlessly. The crowd showed their adoration by sacrificing shoes, bras and even panties to be thrown at the band, whom loved every second of it. At one point the lead singer even tried to start returning the lost shoes; who doesn’t love a band that can rock your socks off, and then have the kindness to return them. All in all it was probably the best live show I’ve ever been to, well worth braving the freezing cold weather.

Review by Samantha Dawe

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