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Review | aKing, Ashtray Electric & New Holland

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Bands never start on time. Everybody knows that. Well apparently, in Stellenbosch they stick to the clock. After missing New Holland and Ashtray Electric, we waltz into the massive hall to witness aKing getting ready to rock. Oops.

If one thing?s for sure, people are different on the other side of the boerewors curtain. The Stellies crowd simply make Capetonians look plain boring. It was an experience to watch a 500+ group of aKing diehards go wild whenever front man, Laudo Liebenberg moved. The roar that exploded through the massive space after each song would have put any night at Mercury to shame.

Images by Kristen Leigh Parris

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aKing: Dutch Courage

Friday, May 16th, 2008

The best way to write a review on an album is to stick it on your Sennheisers, pump it full blast and just let the words flow. And as I sit here, I can’t believe I’m listening to South African music. The production is hot and debut album Dutch Courage full of the tangible energy of accomplished songwriters and performers. aKing get off to a flying start, and pick up a new fan in the process.

aKing - Dutch Courage

The English wing of the Punkskelm brat-pack, aKing has blasted onto the scene with relentless energy, administering guitar hooks and dire, singalong songs that are destined to become the car-stereo classics of future festivals. No doubt about it.

As much as these guys are the same seasoned musicians behind nation-building bands like Fokofpolisiekar (both Hunter Kennedy and Snakehead Venter are active members of the band), the music overlaps less than you’d think. I went into my first aKing gig the other day expecting a rehash of Fokof and Van Coke Kartel, but through an exhaustive national tour, the guys from Cape Town have demonstrated an individuality that goes beyond album title ‘Dutch Courage’.

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Barleycorn Music Club | 5th May | Entertainment Lineup

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Hi Music Lovers! The Barleycorn Music Club is one of South Africa’s oldest gatherings of musicians. Every Monday evening at Rygersdal Sports Club in Rondebosch, Cape Town, a gentle folk/rock lineup and draught beers set the scene for upcoming and established local artists. Here’s your Barleycorn Lineup for this week, the 5th May 2008. Enjoy the show!

Barleycorn Music Club


Yves (from Trailer Rich) is a singer / guitarist, who delivers acoustic flavoured songs of the conviction and integrity of Rodriguez, Chris Cornell and Jack Johnson. For the past ten years, he’s been playing guitar in various bands such as Desert Velvet with Al Paton and Fahrenheit, but recently decided to get more involved in songwriting. He has successfully recorded a 12-track demo and we’re looking forward to hearing his performance of captivating, original lyrics combined with great skill, both vocally and on guitar.

Forgotten Superheroes

Original 2-piece acoustic project out of Cape Town. Having played together in another band for the last six years, the members, James Klopper and Jon Shaban have become great friends and have an acute understanding of each other. This, together with their approach to life, love, religion and everything else, helps to create a style of acoustic music containing unique instrumentation, vocal harmonies and thoughtful lyrics, which are challenges the listener. This duo is quickly making name for themselves in Cape Town and have recently opened for bands such as Harris Tweed and Hunter. You can also catch them playing partly cover gigs at pubs on weekly basis. Jon and James will surely captivate our audience again this Monday.

Dave Staal

This duo has a refreshing, original style of light rock containing a hint of influence from Pink Floyd, Jack Johnson, Sting, John Mayer, Bon Jovi and more. Dave, on vocals and guitar, will be accompanied by his brother on vocals and bass guitar. Dave is also the owner of “Take Note” – a stylish restaurant / bar located in Tokai.


Also performing.

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