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Impropriety To Announce Singer | Vocal Auditions Wrap

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Hey guys sorry its been such a LOOOONG wait! But we’re finally wrappin up our vocal auditions this saturday! Its been a long time, but I’m pretty confident we will be able announce who the singer is gonna be in the next week or two.

Sorry about the wait guys, but thanks for hanging in there. Will update everyone as soon as possible!


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    Cape Town Band Impropriety: Audition Update

    Friday, April 25th, 2008

    Hey Guys,

    Just an update on how our auditions are coming along. We’ve started off with the vocal auditions, and pretty soon I think we’re gonna start hearing some singing to our songs:) This process has taken a bit longer than we expected, so please don’t think we have just dissed or forgotten about anyone!!

    Impropriety: One Voice One Heart
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    As soon as we’re done with the vocals we’ll be sure to move on to either guitars or bass, will keep you all updated though.

    Thanks for waiting patiently, hopefully we’ll be rocking out at shows really soon:) And if there are any more people still keen to audition for vocals u can send either of us (LeRoy or Simon) a message and we’ll make a plan to meet up and take it from there..

    Have a rad long weekend.

    LeRoy and Simon

    More from Impropriety

    As musicians we try and make music that is sincere and honest, songs that progress and change as we do as people. That’s why we hate genre’s, although we’re punk rock we throw in a bunch of different elements according to our individual influences. We’ve done loads of things as a band, which is not really all that important to us cos in the four years that we’ve been going, all we’ve ever wanted to do is have as much fun as possible with the people around us.

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  • Impropriety Seeks New Members
  • Impropriety Myspace

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    Impropriety Seeks New Members, New Track

    Friday, March 14th, 2008

    Two very important messages from Cape Town punk/rock/hardcore group Impropriety

    Some of the members from Impropriety are in the process of starting a new band we have six songs completed. However we are looking for a vocalist, bassist and second guitarist that suits our style of music.

    Impropriety: One Voice One Heart
    More Vids on our YouTube Channel! | Submit Your Own Vids!

    Our influences include Thrice, Saosin, The Used, Funeral for a Friend, Silverstein and Alexisonfire to name a few. It is not necessary for the vocalist to be able to scream, however a good singing voice would be a good start.

    We stay in the Cape Town area and practice in Tableview. If you are interested send me a message (Facebook: LeRoy Veldsman). If you are interested we would be more than happy to show you what our songs sound like.


    We’ve put up a track on Myspace.com/impropriety

    Its 4 of our tracks we just recorded at home and I mixed them into one song to give you guys an idea of our new sound. Hope you guys like it. Oh yeah, it’s the track called 4 Track Demo In One

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