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Interview: Unit.r

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Goran Manojlovic is the closest thing Unit.r has to a frontman. He’s also an all-round nice guy, one you wouldn’t mind bouncing a smoke with on a clubside curb somewhere in South Africa. We catch him just ahead of Unit.r’s debut album, Phosphenes.

Interview: Unit.r

Tough question. If there’s one thing that we try not to think about, it’s where in the spectrum we might fall. I guess it’s a type of dance music somewhere between electronic indie-pop and experimental rock, but I’d hate to be classified as anything so specific…

As you know, Justin and I met while DJing at Marvel back in 2001. We were both making electronic music, and after we got bored of the laptop/turntable performances, we started translating our music into a live band context. Our respective brothers joined us and we started the band in early 2006.

I guess everything leaves a mark on one’s creativity – dj’s, writers, visual artists, directors, even athletes. People who can channel their talent into something beyond what we consider attainable. I could never complete the list, but, just off the top of my head: Neutral Milk Hotel, Daft Punk, Elliott Smith, Murakami (Haruki and Takashi), Kronk, Camus, Rand, Pleix, Konze, Nemov. I could go on for days.

All we need is great sound. But ideally, a dark and cool club packed with people, a great, punchy PA (sound rig) a skilled engineer and crazy lighting. Oh well, one can only hope!

Haha, I though this was a 2 minute interview. How do others answer this? I guess our music comes to us as a part of who we are. We could either ignore it all our lives, or let it out.

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