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Joy Division: About And For Musicians

Monday, July 14th, 2008

It’s before 9am — the least suitable time of the day to be writing about a film dealing with post-punk in the early 80s, unless, of course, you’re still grimy and sweated out from the night before. It’s fookin freezing. Not just the weather, the town. I mean, where’s the ACTION, where’s the FUN, the Eurobeat, the CULTURE?! The sun has risen like some harbinger of a blunt, unwelcome truth: South Africa, the electricity of your resistance has gone out.

Joy Division

Ok, you want resistance?! Here: I’m switching over to Firefox (resist IE! It’s the devil!) and starting a new Facebook group protesting the price of petrol. Huh?! Huh?! How about that! Who’s with me comrades? All right. Forget that. Now I’m resisting Eskom. I’m gonna design a few viral email pictures and talk about loadshedding over the dinner table while everyone else tries to enjoy their night. Take that, powerhouse fatcats! No, no, wait! I have it! My car was recently broken into, so now I’m gonna bitch about crime and how powerless I am while just outside, some tsotsi in a beanie that looks like a condom loiters around waiting for madam to approach the car, on the phone, keys jangling like a placid Jersey cow waiting to be chopped up into little bits and tuned into crimeburgers on the statistic production-line.

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