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Koos Kombuis | Reconciliation Day Video

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Channel24.co.za, Die Burger, Koos Kombuis and his fans shoot the first professional quality SA music video for the web, by the web.

Music videos are probably the most important way bands market their albums. They’re giant, arty adverts. Which means they’re also expensive, and that every second of the final video product takes hours of shooting, and weeks of planning.

Koos Kombuis

So they’re not traditionally made by websites, who’re better known for short clips of cats going to the toilet, or wobbly live music videos shot by some drunk dude with a cellphone camera.

But Channel24.co.za’s changed all that, with a professionally shot, hugely ambitious video for Koos Kombuis’ politically charged new single, “Reconciliation Day”, a song mourning the death of celebrated musician Talip Petersen, and the failure of the new South Africa to deliver a better life for all. The song is taken from Koos’s controversial album, Bloedrivier, the original acoustic version of which was recorded by Channel24 in Koos’ lounge, back in 2005.

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