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Kill Disco – Album Launch

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Disco. Well there’s a word most musical fanatics would rather airbrush over.

Let’s face it – Disco’s time has come and gone (despite fashion labels trying ever so hard to reinvent the look) having been replaced by good old rock music. Ok, so there were a few catchy tracks that have that ‘stay-in-your-head hum along’ quality, but I’d rather take on rock any day.

Take a ride in the time machine and step on set of the Kill Disco music video; you’d quickly think you got off on the wrong station. YEAR Tight Jeans, sequence and a little too much hair gel. But I do love those glitter balls … You might be pleased to know Disco isn’t on the come back. These guys are just having fun. Bucket loads.

Previously known as that ‘Kings of Vegas’ Band, Kill Disco define their sound as “progressive guitar riffs, backed by powerful yet melodic vocals, brain sticking lyrics,  and dance-like synthesizers that will have you uncontrollably bopping your head and tapping your foot. They also claim that “Kings of Leon” tried to steal their thunder. Totally uncool. Seems just too many uneducated fans got both bands tongue tied. So the Kings retreated back into one of those butterfly cocoon thingies and came out the other end with a whole new vibe

With influences from The Killers, Panic! At the Disco, ColdPlay and Muse, Kill Disco’s infectious style and buzzing live shows ensure that wherever they play, people get up and get down. As someone, somewhere once put it “Kill Disco is blistering rock splendor with a liberal sprinkling of pop, man.”

Kill Disco Debut Album “Life, Death & the after party” (with a touch from legendary SA music producer Theo Crous) took then band nearly 18 months to put together, and time was clearly on their side. Defined as the new sound behind Indie Pop ‘n Roll

“It’s got it all – action… romance… desire!” Listen out for “I just killed Disco”, “Love, lies and leashes”, and “Something to believe in”

Kill Disco is represented by a 5 piece ensemble made in RSA straight out of the mother city (Cape Town).  Keep up to date with all their news by clicking over to their overtone profile.

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