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Hands Together For Stefan Ludik, Lionel Bastos

Friday, December 28th, 2007

The Waterfront Amphitheatre never seems to empty out fully, especially when you have Lionel Bastos and Stefan Ludik performing. As the tourist couple with the map and first-day tanline leaves, a family of four ice-cream-heavy shoppers from the Cape Flats sits in their place. A yellow-clad stilts performer, a fresh ocean breeze and thousands of people scatter the V&A Waterfront Amphitheatre for the Vodacom Sounds of Summer daily live music concerts.

Stefan Ludik on Overtone

Namibian-born Afrikaner Stefan Ludik opened the evening’s entertainment as the sun was setting, and quickly garnered the approval of the front-row girls with a catchy 45-minute pop-rock set. Covering Queen‘s I Want To Break Free and George Michael‘s Faith, the tanned Egoli star demonstrated a familiarity with the stage, and an honest, unpretentious approach towards kitch pop. Hey, it’s the common denominator, and it’s what the clap-along crowd wanted right then and there.

Stefan Ludik vs Lionel Bastos: Afrikaans vs English…?!
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“My big inspirations are Queen and Elvis,” says Ludik. “I’m in the Afrikaans market, and the people love kuierliedjies, so I just have a party on stage. And I just love dancing. I’ll do a backflip here and there cos I watch too many ninja movies.”

Explaining a brief bit about himself (and the tannies that still walk up to him and slap him for being a stout seun on the soap opera) Big Brother’s Ludik is a natural performer and songwriter who spends more time on his toes and in the crowd than in front of the mike. Kom ons dans!

Next up was a refreshingly down-to-earth three-piece acoustic guitar and congas group, led by Lionel Bastos. The thirty-something award-winning musician was unfazed by the need to tune up – for the sake of the music to follow, you see – and when things got rolling, it was subtle mellow, chillout music that was perfectly suited to the twilight atmosphere.

Soon, the three-piece was a five-piece as the bass and rhythm section leapt onto the semi-circular stage to catch the last few minutes of the set in the dying light. Rocking out with a number of busy, hand-crafted acoustic rock numbers, Lionel’s songwriting stood out from the previous of the day’s acts. People clasped their hands in appreciation.

Overtone will be covering the Vodacom Sounds of Summer daily until the 6th of January. Catch tonight’s rundown tomorrow, and lekker vakansie!

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