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MCQP Matric Dance: Photos, Vids

Monday, December 24th, 2007

If you were asked by some temptingly untainted soul to describe the Mother City Queer Project in words, your only conclusion would be that the inquisitor has clearly never attended Cape Town’s happiest party. In fact, we’re also done trying. Check out the photo/video feature from the Matric Dance.

MCQP on Overtone

A video from the school project
More Vids


The boys over at MCQP are throwing two parties this year, and the first of them was themed “Matric Dance.” In the words of the creative director, the party gave everyone a chance to take who they really wanted to the dance.

They had the entire school to f*ck up. It was amazing. The halls were adorned with school prefect campaign posters, advice on drug abuse and directions to the ‘Fuculty Lounge’. By 3am, everyone had graduated to the pumping commercial/progressive house cum laude.

The follow-up party is at what used to be Cruz, Somerset Rd, Greenpoint, Cape Town on 31st December. Check out the MCQP homepage for more.

Cheap tricks and cheeky puns aside, this one can only be described by way of imagery. Enjoy, my boy.

Don’t stop.

Flower power.

No idea what’s going on here.

Random happy boy.

Exactly how I remember it.


Complete with love-lost diary and syringes.

Flash photographer’s nightmare.

The perfect prefect.

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