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Captain Stu, Hog Hoggidy Hog,The Lancaster Band and Cheech

Monday, June 22nd, 2009


Captain Stu, The Hogs, Obs, Payday, Mad Drinks specials, 4 bands for R30… Thats why Saturday morning rejected our friend request. Continue reading Captain Stu, Hog Hoggidy Hog,The Lancaster Band and Cheech

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Captain Stu & Rus Nerwich and The Collective Imagination

Thursday, June 11th, 2009


This June all who call themselves a party animal will come out to play at the merging of much loved CT-based ska band, Captain Stu, and Rus Nerwich and The Collective Imagination at Mercury in Cape Town.

Runner-up of the Road To V-Fest Competition 2008 as the best unsigned band in SA, CAPTAIN STU, brings you an urban twist with a tightly executed, energetic and eclectic blend of ska, funk, rock and reggae while skillfully incorporating as many of their varying influences as possible.

Their sound having been described as “Bundles of fun from a bunch of rowdy boys who know how to make sweet (raunchy) love to their instruments” by Cosmo, Captain Stu brings you party vibes from their rocky and raunchy second album, The Adventures Of Captain Stu, released in February 2009. “Its charm is that its restlessness does have moments of quiet compliments of that sexy saxophone, but it’s never long before the ballsy vocals and dirty drums jump in and get you dancing.”

RUS NERWICH AND THE COLLECTIVE IMAGINATION will be performing compositions from composed works which illustrates an eclectic fusion of world music and jazz coming together in an enigmatic sound that is inspiring, transporting and esoteric in nature.

Be sure not to miss these two top acts as they are set to create mayhem and madness on stage.

Date: 19 June 2009
Line-up: Captain Stu & Rus Nerwich and The Collective Imagination
Venue: Mercury, Live
Time: 21h00
Entrance Fee: R40

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TwentyONEguns: Gigs | Artist News | Quick Hits

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Hi to all our friends,family and supporters…

Tomorrow night we are hosting a show at Trotters pub in Impala park Dakota ROAD, bands such as Black Rose Red, The Smoots, Whining Orphans etc. will be joining us in a night of MAYHEM.

Last year we hosted a similar show and it was packed and rocking, most of you who joined us last year must know that this show is bigger and better.

The guns have some new songs, tattoo vouchers, and merch to give away…

So slip into them party pants and lets make this night unforgettably rocking!

To members of: twentyONEguns

Quick Hits: News ripped from around the web and blasted across the South African music news landscape, courtesy of Overtone.

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