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Imagining A New Cape Town…

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Creative Cape Town
Creative Cape Town meets.

It?s time for the next instalment of The Creative Cape Town Clusters (a networking and development forum for creative industries in Cape) brought to you by Cape Town Partnership in association with Woolworths through the Creative Cape Town programme.
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The Overtone Shmooze Rocked

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

We did it. And it rocked. The first-ever Overtone Shmooze meeting went off like a cherry bomb in assembly, attracting a core group of local music executives, journalists, bands and all those seeking to get more involved in actively uniting the South African music scene under one umbrella.

Next shmooze: Apr 24th 2008

[Contact us on admin@overtone.co.za for more info.]

Overtone Shmooze
The monthly Overtone Shmooze: chat, meet and drink with the SA music industry.

Seriously. It’s not some exclusive thing that you’re not a part of. We play local, upcoming artists in the background, grab a beer or two, and get to know each other. If you’re interested in getting involved in the scene, you’re invited to the next meeting.

Here’s a brief outline of what speakers from Runway Music and African Dope had to say last Thursday:

  • United, independent record labels make up for 30% of the global industry, a bigger fraction than any other major label.
  • Free music is fast becoming the hottest marketing tactic.
  • South African music tends to grovel in order to stay alive. This dilutes the creative passion of the artist. get professional if you want to make it your profession.
  • Upcoming bands often see no harm in distributing their music for free. Through hearing you, they get to know you. Maybe they’ll come to a gig. Maybe they’ll buy a T-shirt.
  • Take a look around you. This is it. This is the music industry. If you’re on this site as a fan, band or industry player, you are it.
  • Local music IS international music. Thinking that European and American music is indiscriminately better robs South African music of its authenticity. After all, if you live in a place, you’re gonna hear both sides of the scale, not just the radio-friendly export stuff.
  • Alongside India, South Africa is a global outsourcing capital. This means we can expect more overseas clientele coming to our shores to record albums, tour and utilise our services.
  • Underground bands are being represented on a scale never before as file sharing networks search deeper and faster to uncover the genuine talent amongst the established mainstream.
  • The 2010 FIFA World Cup will bring an estimated R21.3-billion into the country [1]. The spirit of African entertainment – from the street to the stage – will be as much on offer as the football.
  • Recently, at the SAMA awards, someone I know noticed that he recognised about two people in the entire hall. The South African music industry is characterised by a lack of representation for thousands of talented underdogs. If you feel disconnected, come to the next Cape Town meeting. Seriously, you’re invited because whether you’re a fan, band or industry figure, you are the music.

    admin [at] overtone.co.za

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