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Sexy Pics | D&B Vocalist Natalia | Niskerone

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Wowser! Now we remember why we got into the music industry in the first place. Just got a package from Natalia Segerman, the sexy voice behind the self-named drum & bass duo with Cape Town beat warlord Mark Stevens, aka Niskerone (that’s Nisker-one, not Nisker-own). Niskerone & Natalia have been hitting spots like Fiction and with a predictably crazy residency, and have also pulled crowds at the likes of Earthdance, Nightvision, Obzfest, Homegrown and New Years Revolutions. Pretty, busy, and pretty busy act.

Natalia has financed and released her debut album, Long Street Lullabies. Why not keep an eye out for her solo act, and also visit the duo’s Facebook Fan Page.

  Fri 23rd May | The Assembly | Cape Town
* Win Tickets To This Gig! Mail admin [at] overtone [dot] co [dot] za with your name and favourite photo in the gallery below!

Natalia - Green

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