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where music meets music

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

As my penance for arriving past the hour of fashionably late, I was condemned to the sit in the noisiest and liveliest row of the New Space Theatre. The curse did not seem too much to bear, as soon the lyrical sass and musical whims drew all eyes and ears into itself. Mr Cat and the Jackal.

Mr Cat and the Jackal take you on a musical journey beyond explanation as you disembark on a shift of musical conscience. More simply put it is a space where music meets music and people actually come to play…

It might sound like a strange concept, applauding musicians for actually playing music (After all, isn’t that what all musicians do?) but in a world filled with lemmings, sound-a-likes, and wannabees it is simply refreshing to hear an innovative way of creating a musical experience.

Chatting to the converted souls who now pledge a following in fanship, it’s interesting to find out how they first came to experience the music. One girl claims to have heard them playing in a shopping centre and was so intrigued, she phoned the in store radio to find out who played the song. Another had first met Mr Cat and the Jackal at Catu Irish Bar (an event organised by Overtone) and since then has been eagerly following all their Cape Town activities….

Watching Mr Cat and the Jackal at play is a treat within itself. The new show “Sins and Sirens” is an cleverly crafted musical dialogue that will have walk you through a ‘never never land’ experience and bring you back to the world of the living.

“The musically multi-dimensional mavericks, Mr Cat & the Jackal, have sculpted and theorised their third theme to suit the stage more theatrically in their new in Cape Town and surrounds.The group have created their own instruments, genre and finally a new form of musical. Little by little, step by step, this ensemble will mesmerise you into believing their tales and philosophies before taking you aboard ancient adventures that will all too soon be over, just like your first glass of wine. This multi faceted show is highly recommended to anyone with a rich taste in music.”

To all the souls that have been converted and all the souls they have yet to meet as they start their journey, stay posted to find the official decree of where the band shall be.

“Prepare to be amazed.”

Lena Ski

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Kidofdoom – My Faith In War

Saturday, October 24th, 2009


I know in many cases bands don’t like being compared to similar international counterparts, and I never thought I’d finding myself doing so for a band as unique as I consider Kidofdoom, but after attending their launch and mulling over their new release a number of times, yes I am going to do it! Here goes: Kidofdoom are like the South African Pink Floyd!

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