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Xenophobia Concert | We All Benefit | Videos

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

Today’s xenophobia benefit concert at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town sure would have been a fantastic place to be a car guard. A full main hall; a list of local acts that varied from stand-up comedy to spoken word to afro-pop; and the whole affair, named We All Benefit, organised and frantically strung together in just one week.

Yoh. The sudden uprising (and resultant media whirlpool) against foreigners may have set off like a powder keg in recent days, but seeing people respond in such magnitude is…well, quite strange. When do we, as the Internet-using middle-to-upper class of South Africa, ever seem to get inspired about anything other than what’s going on in Idols and the latest developments in MP3 file sharing? What we’re calling xenophobia is actually closer to Afro-centrism. But, at the end of the day, the hall was full, and the Red Cross picked up the spoils, so thank you to everyone who arrived for proving that this event worthwhile.

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