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PsynOpticz Presents Electro-Magnetic Beatz

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Hey everyone,

Well, the hype for the second PsynOpticz event is huge! With such a sick lineup I know I wouldn’t miss it for anything!

Visuals from Twizted, the last party by PsynOpticz.
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Bruce (Afrogalactic)
PlusMinus (Organik)
Stereal Key (Groovy Troopers)
SwiTcHcaChe (PsynOpticz)
Silo (PsynOpticz)

Just an update for you all about the guestlist: we’re giving 5 places away to every 20th confirmed guest for the event and for every 10th person that joins our group on Facebook. In other words, loads of tix up for grabs.

Spread the word!! Join the revolution! Friday is a public holiday so it’s time to smash it up. We have a few bottles of tequila on the house going around so be prepared for a night of craZynesss!

For guestlist stuff email psynopticz_productions@yahoo.co.uk

See you all on Thurs 1st May for a night of Electro-Magnetic Beatz! Thanks for the support!!

PsynOpticz Crew

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    Twizted: Indoor Party Kicks Off With A Bang

    Friday, April 4th, 2008

    Faaaahk dude, what’s this place doing pumping on a Thursday night. Given that it was the first party, the numbers sat at around an intimate 120 at 12pm. But, that said, The Bang Bang Club in Loop St got a beat injection under the careful, knob-twiddling auspices of a bunch of established and upcoming DJs, including Glitch (PsynOpticz)and Artifakt (Timecode). And on a weeknight nogal.

    Twizted: Thursday nights may be the same, but Friday mornings never will be.

    Twizted parties just started happening, and waitrons and late-night types can look forward to at least one banging night in the city per month. Praise Jah for that. This city’s been a little on the sleepy side lately, if you ask us [and by 'us' I mean 'me']. Once again, praise Vishnu. Now, at least you know there’s one spot that can get your body moving after 1am. Praise the Tokolosh.

    The parties are organised by PsynOpticz, the latest incarnation of city-dwelling trance-lovers, and you can find out more about them by contacting psynopticz_productions@yahoo.co.uk.

    The best psy visuals we’ve ever seen. Seriously.
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    Artifakt (Timecode)
    Slug (Nexus Media)
    Terrorbyte (Vision Rec)
    GliTch (PsynOpticz)
    Silo (PsynOpticz)

    Gotta confess, it was my first time at this particular venue, which is known as a sophisticated event venue waiting for the flood of ordinary people. With a cover charge of just R30 (free before 10.30pm), Twizted may have opened the sluice-gates to you, me and your mom. If she enjoys psy, glitch and the crowd that used to hang out at the old Upstairs in Long St. Beers were on special for R10, while tequila was going for R12. Let’s get this thing going. See you at the next one.

    Next Twizted: Thu 1st May, 10pm, The Bang Bang Club | More

  • Besides for being the name of a South African trance producer, Artifakt is the name of a compilation album by Better Than Ezra
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