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The Restless Natives | Live At Asoka | Quick Hits

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Hey guys!

Don’t forget to catch us, The Restless Natives, live at Asoka (Kloof Str, just below Saigon) this,and every, Tuesday night from 9-11pm!

It’s great venue with great drinks,great food,great people, and (most importantly) GREAT MUSIC!

AND IT’S TOTALLY FREE!!!!! So please spread the word and stop by!

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    Headset Sessions: Go Latin

    Thursday, February 21st, 2008

    Headset get a latin jazz twist with the Dan Shout Tribute Band to Antonio Carlos Jobim on Thursday 28th February 2008.

    Influential jazz musician Dan Shout has put together a band of talented Cape Town musicians to play tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim. Dan had always been influenced by this iconic musician and decided to use headset as a platform to form a very special tribute band in his honour.

    Dan Shouts musical talent has taken him around the world. He completed his Masters Degree in Jazz Saxophone Performance from the University of Cape Town in June 2006 graduating Cum Laude and has been touring with the Johnny Clegg Band since playing saxophone and keyboards. Some of his highlights have included performing for the 2006 Soccer World Cup in Germany, the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France, Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Concert at Ellis Park and for 100 000 people for Bastille Day in Bastille, Paris 2007.

    The legendary Antonio Carlos Jobim was a Brazilian songwriter and singer. He was prominent behind the development of Boss Nova style and his songs have been performed by many international musicians. One of his most famous hits was ‘The Girl from Ipenema’ which won a Grammy Award. Throughout his career he worked in many influential jazz musicians such as Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra.

    On the night The Dan Shout Tribute Band will perform Antonios Carlos Jobims finest compositions with a twist of jazz. The group features Dan Shout on saxophone, Alvin Dyers on guitar, Shaun Johannes on bass, Mike Horne on drums and Oliver Schenk on percussion. The band will also feature two guest musicians for the night Lee Thomson on trumpet and Natascha Roth on vocals.

    Norwegian jazz duo Streifenjunko are going to open for the Dan Shout tribute band. The 2 members Eivind Lønning and Espen Reinertsen are renowned for their improvisation skills, clearly influenced by European contemporary composers like Giacinto Scelsi, Salvatore Sciarrino and Helmut Lachenmann.

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    Restless Natives Reach The Heart Of Jazz

    Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

    It was like stepping into an elevator. A large one, adorned with a number of well-decorated areas all resembling an upmarket club, and with a tree growing through the centre, but like an elevator. Perhaps it had something to do with the tight rhythmic jazz that boomed forth from the heart of the disguised drinking hole at all manner of frequencies that gave off the air of elegant luxury.

    the restless natives

    I came prepared.

    Having been forewarned of the money-grabbing entrepreneurs which lurked in the dimly lit chambers of Asoka in Kloof Street, Cape Town, I was expecting nothing less than a financial raping when I entered the establishment through the fingerprinted glass doors of one of the most upmarket young, trendoid places in the Mother City. Here it was! The nerve centre of middle-class wannabees, who looked skywards for their salvation, and ingested only the finest imported beers and whiskeys, even though they may have tasted like pre-passed urine samples. Then again, perhaps it was just me being a little judgmental.

    But getting aurally hooked on the soul of the matter – a five-piece thoroughbred jazz group called Restless Natives – was no challenge. In fact, looking around the room where, two weeks earlier I had watched Bed on Bricks play a kickass set to an unappreciative crowd, I could see that this time, the rehearsed and expressive music which ventured outwards in all directions was being received very well by the locals.

    And with good cause. Already half-way into their set when I stumbled in, half-drunk and on a mixed fruit hubbly concoction which somebody (me) spiked, the group was beyond the warm up, the group was self-hypnotically playing the gentlest of tunes, a nimble number which just kept unfolding for twenty minutes. Subtle rhythmic basslines from Shane Cooper‘s beast of a stand-up double-bass and the ever-elevating mellow melodies of Breakfast Included keyboardist Jason Reolon‘s keyboard were kept in time by practical and technical drumming from the machine-like Kesivan Naidoo. Hog Hoggidy Hogg trumpeter Lee Thompson and saxophonist Marc Fransman sat on the sidelines with the plebs, waiting for their turn to join in. At any given time, I soon realised, it was strange if all five were playing simultaneously. Musically speaking, that is called dynamic competence.

    Get With It…

    But enough about me, let us talk about the groove, which shortly picked up as Thompson grabbed one of two of his shiny brass weapons and hit the centre of the room. In a phrase, what came forth next was straightforward formula jazz. The punchy, aggressive type you hear when youre having a conversation and suddenly the music makes you lean over and say, hang on a minute, I wanna hear this? The versatile Hogs trumpeter shed his punk preconceptions and, for the next few minutes, unleashed a solo from hell – or heaven – which instantaneously stunned me into sobriety, luckily only for a few minutes.

    Next up was Fransman, who was the one name on the bill I had not yet encountered before. The man, quite simply, plays the saxophone like a Chihuahua on speed, and took the limelight as the group seamlessly segued the music into yet another progression. One wonders if they even practice. Fransman, however, has surely done his time at the mouthpiece. He squirted and squeaked bass and treble notes in a vibrant, everlasting solo which covered the full melodic range of the instrument and turned the heads of even the pacey waitrons. It was shocking, terrifying and perversely gleeful. My eyes widened, and my ears trembled. Here it was! The heart of jazz.

    Catch the Restless Natives every Tuesday at Asoka in Kloof St, CT, and on Thu 21st Feb at the Armchair Headset Sessions.

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  • Restless Natives keyboardist Jason Reolon is also the keyboardist for the four-piece group that spawned Goldfish, Breakfast Included, while Lee Thompson is the trumpeter in Hog Hoggidy Hogg.

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