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Bellville Rock City Rocks Your World

Monday, April 27th, 2009


“The success of aKING and Van Coke Kartel in 2008 legitimised the rumours of a rock ‘n’ roll scene in Bellville… This is the story of the Bellville music scene, a view from the inside, established rock artists, emerging bands, and friends alike.”

Skinnier-than-skinny jeans. Smoking with their cigarettes between their thumb and forefinger. Long hair. Earrings in inhumanely places. Tattoos. Sex. Drugs. Leather. Rock ‘n’ roll personified. These are all adjectives to describe the hardcore lifestyle of Bellville Boys. But ultimately there are only two descriptions of Bellville Boys: One – Hotness combined with an incredible amount of sex appeal. Two – Bellville Boys are extraordinary musos – the Bellville Rock City Compilation is the epitome of this. Continue reading Bellville Rock City Rocks Your World

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