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Will Mono & Jan Joknie – Seks Vir Plesier

Monday, February 15th, 2010

WILL MONO is the name of an exciting new artist who recently surfaced on the SA music scene. Not following the oh-so-familiar recipe of starting yet another band sounding like…ah well…another band, Will Mono chose a different direction. He makes music and then collaborates with other artists who sing the songs – definitely a fresh take in an already overcrowded music market. Mono recently emerged in the music scene when he, together with Jan Joknie, released the single “Seks Vir Plesier”, which caused quite a stir with its ambiguous lyrics and provocative scenes. The video of the single went to nr. 3 on the MK Top 10 Music Video Charts and is still amongst the Top 10.

I am in love with Will Mono and Jan Joknie. What? You don’t know who they are? They are the duo behind Seks Vir Plesier. It’s Afrikaans electro/pop at its best. Draw conclusions where you will regarding the content, as for the song as a whole, it’s catchy, electro genius…” – Gabi Goldberg, Musical Mover & Shaker.

Check the music video for Seks Vir Plesier out here and keep a look-out for much more to come from Will Mono:

Will Mono & Jan Joknie – Seks Vir Plesier

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