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Pravda23 Scales Down Second Live Dance Residency

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Pravda23 Live At Pickwicks Every Saturday in October

It seems surprising that a cramped little upstairs room at Cape Town’s longstanding late-night Long Street eatery, Mr Pickwicks, can accommodate the kind of high-energy live performance hybrid dance music that fans of Goldfish, Coda, Iridium Project and Flash Republic are presently switching on to. But, with typically irrational disregard for conventional behaviour, dynamic three-piece live dance outfit Pravda23 has scaled down its successful dance/art stageshow to accommodate only 60 brave and fortunate people every week. Welcome to Saturdays in October with Pravda23.

Every Saturday in October, Pravda23 will be plugging in and banging out an inimitable live music party upstairs at Mr Pickwicks at 9pm. Cover charge is R30 (for your first Saturday: free for all Saturdays in October thereafter!). T-shirts, CDs, comic art, badges and stickers are on sale. Various art projects take place every week on the open-air balcony overlooking Long Street, and materials are provided.

Pravda23 Live Performance Dance Music

Pravda23 is a musical outfit from Cape Town, South Africa. Taking cues from groove music across a number of genres, Pravda23 is led by multi-instrumentalist and musical director John Bartmann, and features a variety of session artists, including acclaimed scratch DJ Knucklez, and classical guitarist and pianist James Harris. Their music is a cross section of danceable electronic beats and live performance, often featuring live violin, keyboard, guitar, turntables, djembe drums, knives, forks, tables, stomping feet, and various other percussive instruments.

Bartmann began his music career at the age of three, playing from his older sister’s piano books, taking violin lessons at the age of 10, teaching himself guitar, drums and African drums and returning to violin twelve years later after receiving an amazing response to live violin electronica from the South African crowds. He has been composing hybrid electronic music since 2004. Nick Knucklez has been DJing since 2003 and performs live djembe, didgeridoo, scratching and FX from behind the decks. All music is free to download and enjoy from www.pravda23.com.

Pravda23 can be compared to artists such as Röyksopp, Telépopmusik, Nôze, Daft Punk, Goldfrapp, Moby, Massive Attack, Underworld, The Bays, Robert Miles, Plaid, Zero7, Telefon Tel Aviv, Air, Portishead, Leftfield, and St Germain, amongst others. Sparse vocals, dense basslines and powerful synthesizer stabs, arrhythmic trip-hop violin pizzicato, glitchy patches of intelligent dance music programming and haunting violin overlays. A magnificent hybrid of live and programmed audio, performed enthusiastically and released for free download on www.pravda23.com regularly.


HOMEPAGE: www.pravda23.com | update your music
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/pages/Pravda23/8574138309
MYSPACE: www.myspace.com/pravda23
OVERTONE: www.overtone.co.za/pravda23


Oct 3rd @ Mr Pickwicks, Cape Town, 9pm
Oct 10th @ Mr Pickwicks, Cape Town, 9pm
Oct 17th @ Mr Pickwicks, Cape Town, 9pm
Oct 24th @ Mr Pickwicks, Cape Town, 9pm
Oct 31st @ Mr Pickwicks, Cape Town, 9pm

www.pravda23.com | update your music

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