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Underground Press | Growing SA Music Site

Monday, August 11th, 2008

One reason to visit Underground Press right now: for starters, they have this banner on their site:

Rent This Space

Also, here’s a message to all from the dedicated site founder:

Visit Underground Press! Interact with our forum discussions, create your events, and blog your news. Remember, Facebook will not be your only source of gaining recognition. We would like to help to.

Our site is easy to use, simply register and become a part of the community that supports your scene. We are growing everyday, and without your interaction, your fans will never know your next move.

Obviously if you could register to, or even get your friends to register, It would be great.
We need more exposure, in order to expose the bands, and the more you talk, the more the bands score.

We have shifted our support to more local music now, even though we are supporting a huge clientell based form of international bands.
We are now using this to expose our local talent to the international communities.

Some of you on this list may already be registered, but all I ask is that at least the bands get to blog their news and add their events. Remember, one website will never be the only answer, but many sites can help expose them. The bigger the variety of choice on networking, the better…

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Win A Website! | Drop A Comment & Get Online

Friday, July 4th, 2008

We’re giving away a website!

To celebrate Upcoming & Independent Music month on Overtone, we’re giving away a Web 2.0 site valued at R4500! The site will be designed and developed by Overtone to help increase your online presence, and uplift the status of local live music culture. Finally!


Bands, studio owners, production companies and independent businesses involved in the South African music scene may enter by comments.

Leave a comment and win a website

Leave a comment below, and get your fans to do the same. The most deserving, creative, funny or inspiring post wins! Even if you didn’t write it, the post that mentions you wins! Entries may be posted in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa or Zulu. Don’t forget to leave your email address.

The competition ends on 31st July 2008. You have one month. Go!

Terms & Conditions

  • Under the terms of this contract, Overtone Music agrees to develop a website for the competition winner.
  • The competition winner must provide an adequate amount of digital content for the design. This will be specified by email once the competition closes.
  • The website does not include the price of domain registration or monthly hosting.

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The SABC’s Unwittingly Entertaining Music Site

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

So while kicking around the South African entertainment site-osphere (I know it’s not a word. I’m claiming it), we came across SABC’s delightfully barren Music and Entertainment page. Overtone would like to issue a formal thank you to everyone at SABC Entertainment online for making our passion for online music news and events so much easier to do, and for keeping us truly entertained.

SABC Entertainment

If anyone over at our national broadcasting commission would be interested in web development, kindly take a look at OverWeb. We can have your site up and running in 24 hours.

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Pics: Johnny Neon

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Ever wondered what a keytar is? Ever wonder how guys like Johnny Neon seem to ooze creative cool? Ever wonder why they’ve got no security at gigs like these? Check out the weekend rundown with a gallery from Overtone photog Rich King @ The Assembly.

all photos by Richard King

Interview with Funk-Punk Ben.
More Vids | Submit Vids

Also, get the interview we did with Funk-Punk Ben a while back. Ben Rausch is one of the Sovereign Academy DJs and represents the new wave of upcoming party-savvy music talents. Based in Joburg but flitting around where he sees fit, we caught up with him in Cape Town for a brief chinwag ahead of the start of the Sovereign Academy tour. Ben Rausch performs as DJ Sassquatch, and plays dance-punk and dance-rock to legions of 8-bit fans all over the country.

Johann Kotze is a solo electronic artist and the vocal half of dance/new wave synth outfit Johnny Neon. The group is itching to blow huge.

Sovereign Academy throws parties all over the place, and the last time their DJs were seen spinning was at The End is Nigh party up at Carfax, Johannesburg. Overtone covered it so catch what DJs Data Takashi and Richard the Third it here.

  • Dance on Fire.mp3

    Johnny Neon is…
    Johnny Kotze: Synths & Vocals
    Funk-Punk Ben: Synths

  • JohnnyNeon.com has been taken by some “International Entrepreneur, Industrialist, Musician and Humanitarian” called John Guy Maglio. However. Myspace.com/johnnyneon has been claimed by our very own two-piece electro outfit, beeeyatch.

  • Unit.R: Phosphenes On The Way
  • The New Loud Rockets: Video Launch
  • The Beams: All Synthed Out And EP-Heavy
  • The Beams: Burning Bright
    More news…

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