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The Otherwise & Wrestlerish @ Amsterdam

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Last night I went with a group of friends to Amsterdam…..just for the good music, I promise. Mainly because this Amsterdam is the restaurant in Davenport road in Durban, a little bit less famous than the Holland version, but also not as far for us Durbanites. Obviously the Dutch heard how awesome we were, but also how notoriously lazy we also are, so instead Amsterdam came to us….and then we rejoiced with good times and great live music.

The bands playing last night were local act The Otherwise and the touring band from Joburg called Wrestlerish. This gig was actually quite a significant one for The Otherwise, as it was their first one with new bassist Carl Van Renen, brother of drummer Chris. Making The Otherwise officially a double brother band, with the other two members, Greg and Harry, also being brothers. They played songs off their recently released album She Doesn’t Care, She Wants To Dance, which sounded even better live, as well as new songs which will be on their upcoming acoustic album set to be released in December this year. This band has an amazing energy live, as soon as they started playing it was as if the small stage they were perched on just exploded with music which was carried straight to the eager crowd.

Next up was Wrestlerish. I have personally never heard them before, so it was great to discover another South African band. Though having said that, I am pretty sure I had heard their last song “Bad News” before, or it was just so catchy that I thought I had. It was obvious from the start of their set that they had quite a fanbase in the crowd last night, even though they seemed to be having problems with the sound as the drums were too loud and the vocals too soft, but despite this they got into their stride and just kept getting stronger and stronger until the reluctant end of their set. A Highlight from their set was when lead singer Werner Olckers announced that they were going to sing a song about Jacob Zuma’s sex life, which got some laughs. Luckily it wasn’t actually, I don’t think….it was a bit hard to tell with the vocals. And as I write this, I just heard their one song on 5fm…..and so I will correct my statement about not having heard them. Here’s hoping everyone hears them some more.

Both bands created a fun and lively atmosphere to the night, showing that maybe Durban’s Amsterdam is just as fun, and cheaper, than a trip to the real deal.

Review by Samantha Dawe.

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