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Monday, May 19th, 2008

Just ripped this off Facebook: a bunch of SA band news from artists based locally and abroad. We leave the stuff deliberately unedited, just so you can see how creative their spelling and punctuation can be! Leave a comment if you’re man enough.


Hey everyone

CrashCarBurn will be performing live on Studio1 MK channel 324 on Thursday 22 May at 19:30 check them out…


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Interview: Wickhead

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Wickhead are one of the bands that’s managed to cause a bit of a splash elsewhere in the world, as well as a huge big bladdy bombdrop here back home. We have a quick chat with Los Angeles-based South African hard rock outfit Wickhead’s guitarist Mark van Heerden. Hey, it ain’t often you hear about the stuff going on overseas…


We’re rocking it down here. How you doing over there?

LA is a mad party, lots of hard work , we are loving it.

We missed you at Ramfest. What’s the coolest festival/gig you’ve played in the States?

Would have loved to play Ramfest, All our shows have been a different experience here, all cool in their own way. We head to Canada on Tuesday.

What’s your say for SA artists who wanna up and leave?

If you wanna be in a band and tour, why not try and tour the whole world? It’s is a crazy place. Go for it and further your career.

Digital rights management: would you be pissed off if someone ripped your album?

It depends really on what marketing strategy you are going for. Look what Radiohead has just done [gave fans the choice of how much to pay for their tracks online]. I’d probably be pissed though. It’s your hard work.

Who’s the most famous person you’ve met?

We have met quite a lot of musicians. Atreyu, The Used, Mick Thompson, Avenged 7, Travis Barker, Kat von D, Metallica, etc. It’s been awesome!

If you could play an ideal gig (top of Eiffel Tower, underwater, whatever), what would it be?

That’s a hard one! We love playing everywhere. On the moon?!!

How long you been at it as a band?

8 years

What’s been your favourite venue to play so far?

The Whisky in LA. Woodstock in SA.

Who are your influences?

It’s a huge variation within the members. At the moment we are really digging 30 Seconds To Mars [Jared Leto's group, touring SA for MyCokeFest in March].

Sexita Chiquita [debut album] was cool. Are you sticking to that sound?

Ya, it’s similar I suppose. Its just a bigger sound now. The guitar tones are heavier, there are more harmonies and our tempos are slower. It grooves more.

Have you ever shot a gun? What type? At what?

I’ve shot people. I’m only playing, ha ha. In the face.

Band politics: who’s the iron fist, who’s the peacemaker?

[Vocalist] Bronic‘s the iron fist, [drummer] KJ‘s the peacemaker.

How many tattooes have you got?

Only three, on my shins and calf.

What time does the noon-day gun go off?

At noon, What? Time for a beer!

Wickhead is…
Bronic – Vocals
Mark van Heerden – Guitars
Randall Knight – Guitars
Jason Meintjes – Bass
KJ Forde – Drums

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    “How many tattooes? Only three…”

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