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Unit.R: Up To Some New Tricks

October 27, 2007 – 01:56 by John

You turn around and Unit.R is up to their tricks. With a good 50% more original music and their familiar, quirky line-up of electro/folk/indie dance-rock, the notoriously unclassifiable four-piece went and did it again on Friday. A sick gig up at the Independent Armchair Theatre in Cape Town bolstered the electronic underground as the Cape Town electronic innovators released their second video: It’s All About.


This is always the best way to do it. It’s 1.23am, and I just returned from Unit.R and Ashtray Electric. I’ve seen the former a million times (and the latter only once now), and wanna just throw a few pics and a word on some new stuff from this time around. Nothing hectic cos I’m half asleep.

First off, they’ve obviously been busy, cos they’ve got a whole bunch of new stuff on the lineup.

“We’ve got a drinking song,” confessed bassist/vocalist Goran halfway through the set from under the new lighting rig at the every-busy Armchair. Programmer/vocalist Justin whipped out a mouth keyboard/accordion of some sort and, again, there must have been someone in the crowd going like, “there they go again — showing off their creativity.”

Speaking of vocals, Matt‘s voice has boomed since his last showing. The man aliased as psytrance DJ Artifakt gave a little credence to the diversity of the Cape Town live scene with a rough but confident vocal performance. Nice one, dude.

The group signed off with a half-beat encore. I met Goran outside:

“Yeah, it [the gig] was allright,” he mused in his signature accent. “You always have a few fuckups, but I enjoyed it. Do you have a smoke? I don’t smoke but I really feel like one…”

The supporting show of the evening was Armchair Electric, down in Cape Town for the first time (to my knowledge). The five-piece indie rockers (yeah — skinny jeans and all) put on a refreshingly unpretentious act, which got a couple of feet tapping. Sure, there’s always work to be done, but with a left-handed guitarist and a vocalist who seems very in love with something (not sure what, but it shows!), there’s a road waiting to be walked for ‘em.

Unit-R & Ashtray Electric

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