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Interview: Stereozen

February 28, 2008 – 18:56 by John

The distance from the dancefloor to the stage has never been shorter for three-piece funk rock outfit Stereozen. We pick what’s left of frontman Carlo Glenn Thompson’s brain after checking them rock out the Mercury Live in Cape Town.

Carlo Glenn Thompson

What’s with the tight pants?

Maybe not my pants, but tight pants-wearers of Cape Town do disturb me. I say its wack yo!

How long you been making music as an individual? And as a band?

Personally been playing for 20 years this year. Classical piano for 10 years til ’bout 16; the rest I’ve been jamming my axe on and off from ’round 18. Stereozen been jamming since 2 feb ’04

Who’s your biggest influence?

Groove bands like (old school) Chili Peppers,and Funkadelics, also Muse, The Mars Volta and Beck with a bit of The Edge.

Digital rights management is on the way out. What’s your take?

Ha? You must understand that I’ve had my head in almost every club/venue in Cape Town and haven’t really kept up with things. Own everything yourself.

If someone ripped your hard-worked album, would you beat them to death?

No, if they’ve been to five or more shows. And if them ripping our CD brings 50 more funk-hungry fans then I guess it’s alright.

Who pays/will pay for your recording?

We pay and will continue to do so we can own the material for as long as we can.

Where do you rehearse?

Underneath Paul Bothners in Claremont. It’s a shithole but it’s ours. Really, once there was actual shite in the parking lot.

What’s your ideal gig?

Any gig where there’s D&B speakers and lots of xpensive processing. At the mo we really wanna play with the New Acedemics. They Rock. I crave to play festivals ’cause the people are there to listen and party.

What do you call your music?

Progressive funk rock

Why do you make music?

Love. I’ve been playing instruments for a long time and nothing can give freedom of expression and adrenalin-filled enjoyment like playing live.They guys I’m playing with now makes writing music so effortless and thats all I ask for.

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