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Interview: The Sleepers

May 3, 2008 – 13:11 by John

Sleeping on the job. Sleeping around. Sleeping their way to the top. Sleeping on the mid-day train. The Sleepers on what it’s like sleeping as a part-time profession, upcoming albums and bleeding their way to Hermanus. And sleeping.

The Sleepers
The Sleepers doing the acoustic thing. No, the other acoustic thing, you pervert.

How long have you been together?

Four years? Four and half.

What was the first show like?

It was great. Our first show was at Evol, very cool venue back then. Nice party. We were shitting ourselves. Our first show put pressure on us to finish all the material that had been floating around. “Wow! We play eight songs, that’s like forty minutes!” But it ended a lot sooner than we thought.

Who does what?

Simon does nothing. [Laughs]. Simon sings and plays guitar, Steve plays drums. Jody plays bass, I (Adam) play guitar with Nic. Tonight I’m playing lapsteel with electric.

Who does what?
Seldom do our bands have their own agents. Everyone overlaps. What do you feel about collaboration?

In certain ways bands do play in the same circles. In other ways, they’re a bit separate. There’s no reason why you can’t collaborate with other artists. You do need a degree of similarity between bands for it to work, for it to be a band you can consistently play with.

We’re kinda in the middle when it comes to what’s happening in South African music. Well, white, upper class metal meets electro.

“Prevent regret. And get off your computer and come to a fucking show.”

Interview with The Sleepers
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Who writes the songs?

Mostly myself [Adam], and Nic. Sometimes Simon helps. We probably work on a general structure, and then take it to the rest and work on it together.

When we look at our music, we kinda see it as lucid, and the songs are flexible. Light, dark.

What’s the wildest gig you’ve ever played?

[Nic] Cool Runnings in Obz. I ended up bleeding.
[Adam] Was that the one where you ran towards me? [laughs]
Yeah, Obzfest 2008 was a small, fucking intense show. I’ve never played a show that aggressive. It was hot, and they were sweating and it was evaporating and dripping off the ceiling.
[Adam] Nic had a Red Bull or something and just ran towards me. I was like, wtf are you doing?

I think our shows end kinda crazy and wild these days. It’s becoming more and more of a monster.

What’s the furthest you guys have played from home?

Betty’s Bay. That was the lamest show we’ve played in our life! No, wait! Gecko Bar in Hermanus is the furthest. That was a rad gig.

Overtone is setting up a route up the East Coast. You know, play a few shows, get out of town for a week, make some cash. Where it’s almost expected, and it’s not a lus to organise gigs. How would you feel about it.

Yeah, definitely.


We’re undecided on the title. We’ll let you know when it happens later on in the year.

Closing statements that sum up you guys as a band?

Prevent regret. And get off your computer and come to a fucking show.

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