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Mama Know Nothing | (Almost) All-Girl Blues-Rock | Zula Bar

May 8, 2008 – 12:09 by John

Seriously. I’m think I’m in love for the first time and this time I know it’s for real. You see, last night my heartstrings were once again plucked as I witnessed a smorgasbord of electric-guitar and violin-touting hotties doing a dacnceable medley of blues-rock and upbeat soul. And while a prejudiced sexually deprived chav such as myself would love to say that Mama Know Nothing’s front line of Sannie Fox (vox, electric guitar), Hagar Griaser (lead guitar) and Galina Juritz (vox, violin) are mere eye-candy, the sassy Cape Town girls everyone’s learning to love have a tightness of sound that, well…damn, girlfriend!

Mama Know Nothing
Mama Know Nothing know quite a bit about entertainment, actually.

I managed to fumble my way into one of those ‘group conversations’ with Galina, who “couldn’t understand how she managed to play the gig so drunk”. Poppycock. There’s no way anyone over the limit would manage to flair out on the violin like a blazing classical flamenco. And then!!! And then! Grabbing the mike and nailing the backup vocals with a smile that speaks of both innocence and wickedness. That’s entertainment.

Sannie Fox, who you may have seen up at Mercury Live before, is another reason to check em out. Why? Well, where else do you get to check out a blondie with a badass pitch-black electric guitar and the tightest pants since Freddy Mercury did the laundry wrong? A smooth-skinned face that’s just made for close-ups and a ‘whatever’ attitude to the sparse crowd. And a voice soaked in a vat of Southern Comfort and hung out to dry next to collector’s edition Janis Joplin vinyls.

Ok enough talk. Check out the pics and vid and get to the next show.

Mama Know Nothing: More than meets the eye.
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