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Interview: Tall Order

July 9, 2008 – 13:07 by John

It’s cool enough driving out to catch your favourite band, but stumbling on a rocking act actually beats that 6-0. So imagine the surprise of rocking up at a busy open mike night on one of the coldest nights of the year to find four-piece guy-girl rock outfit Tall Order taking charge.

We catch up with Theresa Janse Van Rensburg (Vocals), Tamsin Bosch (Bass), Vincent Redelinghuys (Drums) and Neil Broers (Guitar) for a few minutes after the show as part of Overtone’s Upcoming and Independent music month of July (win a website!).

How long you been together?

Theresa: Two years

Neil said one year.

Teresa: Well technically, Tamsin and I were jamming together

Tamsin:…three four years ago…

Teresa: …and this ‘filler’ guy on the drums and a jazz pianist. I know a guy called Glen Robinson who invited us to play at this Mercy Ships thing. Then Neil joined us and we were ready start gigging. Then Our drummer decided that the grass was greener on the other side and he missioned,

Tamsin: …and then Neil broke his arm.

Theresa: It took a while but here we are!

Tall Order: the name?

Neil: After our drummer left and I broke my arm in a trampoline accident….

Theresa: …we had these brainstorming sessions. We were gonna bring at least three names. Every week I was there with my three names. They were, like, ‘no, no, no’. Finally, after a few months, they were happy with one. It just fit.


Neil: We recorded a demo at Cape Audio College. It’s on our Facebook page.

Where do you practise?

Theresa: At my mom’s place. She’s so cool about it.

[Interrupted by weirdo]
Weirdo: I love you guys! I saw you up there on stage, and you guys fucking ROCK! I love you!

Band: Thanks. Thanks a lot.

[weirdo leaves]

Theresa: That guy came up to me earlier, and the first thing he said to me was, “I like the look of your aura.” [laughs] Then, it was “Are you married? Show me your fingers!”

Future plans?

Tamsin: We wanna be on MK. That’s the start. We’ve got some ideas ready for music videos. Now we just need the money.

What about Afrikaans?

[Theresa looks at Neil] You were the one who didn’t wanna touch Afrikaans!

Neil: Nah, we’ll do some Afrikaans stuff.

Theresa: It would have to be something rocking.

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