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Assembly Gets Loud And Rude | Hog Hoggidy Hogg | 7th Son

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

The Loud and Rude launch took off at The Assembly on the 3 May 2008 with a packed line up of no less than seven SA bands; The Little Kings, 32 Battalion, 7th Son, Captain Stu and the Llamas, Half Price, The Rudimentals and Hog Hoggidy Hogg.

32 Battalion
32 Battalion: if only we’d had these guys in Angola.

Kicking off the evening was the Little Kings and boy oh boy have they changed their image since the last time I saw them (which wasn’t too long ago). I was ready for the happy reggae/ska music from their previous performance at Mercury Live only to find they’d found themselves an image consultant and have now ditched the plaid shirts and donned new hairdos. The Little Kings are now more rock intensive than reggae and if you thought they were good before, prepare to be impressed. They were, for me, the best act of the night.

Punk, hardcore rock band, 32 Battalion didn’t exactly have the best night ever; you could hear just about everything…but the vocals, which was a terrible shame since they did sound like there was potential there. I was a little bit disappointed though with the 7th Son and Stu and the Llamas performance though; it seems like “you’ve seen em’ once, you seen em’ enough.” They haven’t added or subtracted anything from their sets and I hate to admit it but they were sort of boring (or maybe I just wasn’t intoxicated enough). (I don’t know I still though they were great – maybe I was more drunk? – Ruth)

“The introduction for Half Price included a giant blow up dildo. “

The crazy boys from Half Price were up next and, they followed on from an introduction by presenter Paul Snodgrass who had been excellently introducing each of the bands that evening. His introduction for Half Price included a giant blow up dildo (not too sure what the significance of that was but it definitely got the crowd excited). Half Price arrived on stage in style, lead vocalist Pete was wearing a wonderful tight lime green ensemble which he stripped down to half way through their set. Bassist Marcus was decked out in some 80’s style tight white shorts and head band and brought a tennis racket on stage to complete the look. Lead guitarist Rene was in a white jumpsuit, all together they made an interesting looking bunch and interesting sounding bunch as well; the set they played was edgy and intense.

The Rudimentals: Noh TV
More Vids on our YouTube Channel! | Submit Your Own Vids!

The Rudi’s graced the stage next and mellowed things down a little calming the crowd who now turned from moshing to grooving. They played a great set and as usual sounded and looked quite classy and professional.

Hog Hoggidy Hog ended the night off on a high note once again inspiring the excitable crowd to go crazy with their unique blend of ska-rock. Lead vocalist George bounced around in between the fans that leapt on stage to crowd surf. While Ross (who was playing for the third time that night, he had previously played with 7th Son and The Rudimentals) showed no signs of slowing down and blasted out some soulful tunes on his trombone.

It was a seriously jam packed night, that started at a very early 8:00pm, but didn’t seem too long, the seven bands kept their sets short and only a few encores were played. The bands really complimented each other and there was enough common ground between them to attract similar fans who could appreciate something from each of the sounds but also enough difference to keep things interesting. Loud and Rude pulled off a great punk, rock, reggae and ska show that certainly lived up to its name.

by Sindy Peters & Ruth Cooper
Original article

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    Oppikoppi: This Year’s Bands!

    Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

    Just released is the listing of artists performing at Oppikoppi this year! But why, oh why, is the festival officially called “VMMIJDKWMKAHOID’nAPMWEMP?” Guess the answer and win a pair of tickets!

    Oppikoppi 2008 flyer
    Beautiful. Now wtf does it mean?

    Stealing Love Jones
    7th Son
    Black Cat Bone
    Calling Kingston
    Foto Na Dans
    Harris Tweed
    Henry Ate
    Holly & the Woods
    Janice & The Half Jacks
    LA Cobra
    Sarah Bettens (ex K’s Choice)
    The Buckfever Underground
    Tidal Waves
    Van Coke Kartel

    This year’s OppiKoppi Not Quite Easter Festival boasts with the first ever 23 letter acronym festival name: “VMMIJDKWMKAHOID’nAPMWEMP?”. If you can guess what this acronym stands for you stand a chance to win a free ticket and a hamper with goodies that will keep you warm and fuzzy for the whole festival weekend.

    All you have to do is email your answer to verskoonmymeneer@oppikoppi.co.za. If you were spot on with the answer we will be in touch. Only the first ten correct answers qualify so make sure you enter now to avoid disappointment.

    Keep the long weekend at end of April open and make sure you follow the music to the ultimate destination in paradise – the OppiKoppi farm. Be there and you will have a good time

    25 – 27 April 2008
    Ticket info:
    Tickets can be bought on-line from www.oppikoppi.co.za or www.ticketconnection.co.za for R250. Gates open on 24 April already

    Just follow your heart beat and aim your compass towards the Limpopo province, ask a local drive through a macramé of roadblocks, shake the hand of the police officer comfortably searching you and your car, and you are probably ready to fall into/onto OppiKoppi premises.

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    Ménage à Sept With Some Llamas

    Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

    Saturday evening at Mercury Live promised to be a great ska, reggae, jazzy one, with a line-up of Ménage à Trois, Captain Stu and the Llamas and 7th Son who all lived up to that promise and didn’t disappoint. The night was typified by a great cross pollination of the three bands, 7th Son performed with Ménage à Trois and Nick from Captain Stu sang a couple of songs with 7th Son. It was great to see the bands performing with each other and really made for some great sounding music.

    7th Son
    7th Son: If your father could see you now (he’d buy you a beer)

    Ménage à Trois kicked off proceedings starting off slow and mellow and then moving into some more fast passed songs and inspiring some crowd bopping with the help of 7th Son. Way bigger than their Ramfest show. The band consists of Auriel van Zyl on vocals and acoustic guitar, Jako Loots and Garth de Meillon. Auriel has a great husky smoky voice and the band has a really charming quality about them. They definitely warmed up the crowd and by the time Captain Stu and the Llamas where on Mercury was packed.

    Captain Stu and the Llamas were brilliant lead vocalist Nick Key had some great energy and their songs were incredibly infectious feel good ska reggae sounding. Despite numerous band member changes since they began the band really gelled well together. They also showed their latest music video, the song was great but unfortunately the music video wasn’t, unless they were going for the cheesy cheap, look I don’t know (the paint throwing at the end looked like lots of fun though). Anyway besides that it was a good intense energy filled set that they played.

    7th Son were my favourite of the night which might have been helped by the fact that the whole band was shirtless and they really are a good looking bunch of boys. But despite those superficial assessments 7th Son is a really slick sounding band that seemed to be more excited and happy then the crowd to be there and that was one pretty excited crowd at Mercury; a group of guys were yelling for a sweaty towel from the band at one stage.

    This sign of adoration was slightly marred by the fact that they threw the towel back at the band hitting lead singer Nic Gaud in the face mid song, who took it all in good humour. Their blend of ska rock is so catchy and sing along, one can really not help jumping madly along with it. 7th Son also showed off their latest music video offering that showed a little more creativity than Captain Stu and the Llamas video did.

    All in all it was a perfect night, three great bands that all worked well together, a lively crowd and some waist up nudity what more could you ask for.

    words and images by Ruth Cooper of Biz-Blog.

  • “Ménage à trois” literally means “household of three”
  • 7th Son guitarist Jedd Kossew also plays for acoustic rock outfit Tait with cousin Raph.
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    Captain Stu, 7th Son To Launch Video

    Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

    We’ve just been blown away by their lackadaisical performance at Ramfest, and now ska-rockers 7th Son are teaming up with Captain Stu to launch a pair of brand new music videos on Saturday 8th March 2008 at Mercury Live, Cape Town!

    Captain Stu

    Captain Stu have been very busy over the last 6 months. They opened for music festival Rocking the Daisies, completed an MK89 tour, have spent time in the studio recording their new album and gig most weekends around Cape Town. The music video was shot for their new single Value Systems which is available to buy on rhythm online. The concept for the music video will be kept a secret until the night but the band had a lot of fun making it. When lead singer Nick Key spoke about the video he mentioned ‘it was crazy, there was paint flying everywhere’.

    7th Son dominate Ramfest 2008
    Tons More Ramfest 2008 Vids! | Submit Vids

    7th Son the top reggae band in the Western Cape are also in the studio recording their much anticipated third album called Rude Rock Reggae. The band are very excited about their new music video Without You which was produced by Boernoir productions.

    Both bands work under an umbrella organisation called ‘Loud and Rude’ which is a collection of veterans for South African music who have joined forces under one banner to promote the growth of an exciting and healthy music scene. The launch night itself is going to be an exciting, fun event complete with red carpet and exclusive sponsorship from Malibu. Both bands are pleased to welcome Johannesburg band Ménage à Trois to kick off the evening. Ménage à Trois is an exclusive blend of bass driven funk and folk rock that draw from an array of different music influences.

    Captain Stu vid launch

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  • Interview: Chris Tait On Video, Remix Launch
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    More news…

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    You Will Be At Ramfest

    Thursday, January 17th, 2008

    Ramfest, huh? Well, I have to say: the whole thing looks and feels somewhat diabolical. Not that that’s gonna stop us from crying bloody tears of joy (that congeal under the African sun) as we dust-mosh with the thousands who make the Groot Trek to Nekkies Resort in the Western Cape every year.


    It’s a leap year. That means you get a bonus day for all your hard work. And here’s something you may not know yet: Ramfest is where you’re gonna celebrate.

    It’s true. We can see the future through our Internet machine screens. We have consulted the Oracle (www.google.com, Her name be Praised). It is predestined.

    Here is a random selection of YouTube comments from Ramfest 2008:

    GadaboutBand: Hell yeah, its gonna rock
    exDeathex: I can’t go tp this, it looks evil and satanistic
    ErinTragedy: Can’t wait! Parti parti!
    ratinakage: Nice!
    audioram: Don’t adjust your TV set hhhaaaahaa

    You will now click here to find out where to get tickets; early birds are now on sale. And as you are can liking to be seeing, there are no shortage of bands on the go. Enjoy the unfolding of the inevitable. Bars, food, paintball, mechanical bull riding, arts & crafts, Google knows how many bands, and this very mellow kreef. See you in the pit.

    Ramfest 2008 – Now You Know
    More Vids | Submit Vids




    18:30 – Hog Hoggidy Hog (CT)
    19:30 – Fuzigish (JHB)
    20:30 – A King (CT) ( CD Launch )
    21:30 – Van Coke Kartel (CT)
    22:30 – Taxi Violence (CT)
    23:30 – White Buzz (UK)
    00:30 – Foto Na Dans (CT)


    19:00 – Antipathy (CT)
    20:00 – Decimation Age (CT)
    21:00 – Contrast The Water(DBN)
    22:00 – TBA
    00:00 – Jubilee
    02:00 – Enough Weapons (CT)



    10:00 – Yossarian (CT)
    11:00 – Failing Forward (CT)
    12:00 – Ashtray Electric(CT)
    13:00 – Knave (JHB)
    14:00 – Torment (JHB)
    15:00 – Rhutz (JHB)
    16:00 – Day Turns Night (CT)
    17:00 – Pestroy (JHB)
    18:00 – Chromium (JHB)
    19:00 – Agro (JHB)
    20:00 – Lark (CT)
    21:00 – Battery9 (JHB)
    22:00 – K.O.B.U.S!(JHB)
    23:00 – Mind Assault (CT)
    00:00 – Gadabout(JHB)


    18:00 – South African Air Guitar Championships Finals
    22:00 – 7th Son (CT)
    23:00 – The Spindle Sect (CT)
    00:00 – Kidofdoom (JHB)
    01:00 – Unit-R (CT)


     29th FEB & 1ST MAR

    9 to 11 – The Jester (Peak Records & Groovy Troopers)
    11 to 1- Acoustix (Electric Garden)
    1 to 2 – Laviathan
    2 to 3 – Killer B Dj (Red Eye Productions – JHB)
    3 to 4 – Amoeba(live) (Amoeba Records – JHB)
    4 to 5 – Mad Hatter (MindMelt)
    5 to 6 – Distorted thought ( One Foot Groove/Chiken Skratch)

     1ST MAR & 2ND FEB

    9 to 11 – Jubilee (One Foot Groove)
    11 to 12 – Sons of Zulu (The village Project)
    12 to 1 – Storm ( Audiomatik)
    1 to 2 – Killer B (live) (Amoeba Records – JHB)
    2 to 4 – The Jester (Peak Records & Groovy Troopers)
    4 to 5 – Insanacyde(live) (Amoeba Records – JHB)
    5 to 6 – Malfunktion (Chiken Skratch)
    6 to 7 – Fright Rate (One Foot Groove)
    7 to 8 – Kut ‘n’ Paste (One Foot Groove)
    8 to 9 – Aggitated (One Foot Groove)
    9 to 10 – NoiseAnomalie (One Foot Groove)
    10 to 11 – Morph (Red Eye Productions – Jhb)
    11 to 12 – Chabunk (One Foot Groove)
    12 to 1 – Sense Dj (Red Eye Productions – JHB)
    1 to 3 – Virgearth vs Red Mushroom (Red Eye Productions – CPT & Celestial Foundation)
    3 to close – Wyndham (Audiomatik)

  • Taxi Violence, Ragdolls, Beams: Set, Set, Spike
  • Van Coke Kartel: Clean Punk, Blurry Lines
  • CT Rides The Rollercoaster

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