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Magical Avant Garde Folk Tour Kicks Off

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

You’re in a warmly lit room in an old fashioned bar in South Africa. The atmosphere is vibrant, somewhat hushed. The careful opening strums of a freeform jazz-folk singer begin, silence washes over the buzz. And by the way, just what is jazz folk?

Arlyn – Live At The Waiting Room 2008
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Humble Folk Goes Avant Garde | 11th – 17th Nov

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Just received a heads up from one of the folks in the…uh…folk scene. Arlyn is an Irish-inspired singer-songwriter, and he’s spearheading something that sleepy Cape Town has been lazily waiting for: the Avant Garde Folk Tour.

Cabins in the Forest

Spells For Bribes Session I

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Bollocks To Capitalism!

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Overtone has received over 50 albums in the past week from anyone and everyone looking to get involved in the compilation CD deal being offered us by That’s Hot Promotions. We’ve seen some horrible stuff, and some awesome stuff, but so far, we have to give it to Arlyn for a blurb on the back of his CD saying “Bollocks To Capitalism: Copy This CD”. At least there’s one artist in South Africa who’s seen the light.

Stick it to the man, yo. And while you’re at it, stick an Overtone banner in your blog, homepage or Myspace page. Like Arlyn. Grab a banner now.

Arlyn Bollocks 1 Arlyn Bollocks 2

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  • If you stick an Overtone banner in your Myspace page, website or blog, we’ll notice you as an artist.

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