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Goth Girl Arrested, Detained Without Charge

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

BATTLE CRY!!! This story just camen in from Underground Press, the leading Metal News site in South Africa. Share it, and have your say in the poll below.

So. I have even more reason to have complete faith in our country’s system of justice. Thursday evening, I went out with friends. It had been a long time since we had all gone out together, so indeed we had a jolly time. For me, it was somewhat of a celebration. We made merry and eventually found our way home, in a group consisting of about six people. On the way to my flat, in the next block, there is a Caltex convenience store. My friends went in, wanting to get hot chips and cigarettes or whatever the case might have been. I was still smoking a cigarette, and thus remained outside.

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Loud & Rude Launch Party: The Sound and The Fury

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

That’s right bitches!!! Strap on your Gucci and grease up your coochie, it’s Loud and Rude time again!!! The past months have been empty of your well needed and well deserved cravings for the rock ‘n roll and Loud and Rude are here to bust open your precious torsos to soothe your brain and spirit.

Loud and Rude

No rock has been left unturned, no bone unpicked, no hole in the border unchecked in our search for the ultimate line-up. So get down to THE ASSEMBLY (Harrington Str Cape Town) on SATURDAY 3 MAY for the LAUNCH PARTY of LOUD and RUDE.

The erotically infused herbal rock will include HOG HOGGIDY HOG, HALFPRICE, THE RUDIMENTALS, CAPTAIN STU, 7th SON and featuring newcomers THE 32 BATTALION and the LITTLE KINGS. Because there isn’t enough night time to support this line-up doors will open just before sunset at 7pm and a R50 bribe will get you past security.

Breaking News

As many of you will have noticed the beasts from Half Price have been lying low and keeping it under cover. The reason? Well. It’s complicated; lets just say don’t ever try to smuggle 300 hamsters in your carry-on luggage and various pockets and clothing holes while traveling on SAA. The SPCA kind of frown on it and let me tell you for a bunch of animal loving mofo’s those bitches sure know how to throw a fucking punch! Talk about be kind to animals, Hey! I’m an animal! Be kind to me and get your 18 hole bitch boots out of my groin! But those are just minor details! Suffice to say incarceration in sued and the DFG ended up going to the other 3rd world continent just to get away from the madness!

This Crazed state of affairs has, ironically resulted in a slight change of character! The Half Price we have come to know so well have moved onto a new phase of their live: Advanced Depravity otherwise known as ADULTHOOD. This maturation has also resulted in new tunes and new craziness! I see the ladies out there glowing with interest!! Well get down to the Assembly on the 3rd of May to experience the HalfPrice menagerie and their new brand of Erotic-Nude Rock!

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