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Albinobeach Live Review Tonys

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

After a long wait, out of nowhere, I recieved an invitation in my inbox from Albinobeach.

I first discovered this band at a show at Carfax sometime last year, I was amazed at the power and beauty that this trio unleashed on the audience that night. Then poof! the band seemed to disappear as soon as they where beginning to make waves. I thought they had broken up, yet another casualty of our difficult music industry
Thankfully I was mistaken, the band just took a break to do some new stuff.

As soon as i arrived the band started, for those who dont know, Albinobeach are instrumental. There was no doubt in my mind from the opening notes that we were in for an interesting ride, the spine chilling sounds that the guitarist began weaving through his instrument had everybody fixated to the stage, the band joined and we were off.

The band began gently with a strange eastern guitar driven piece accompanied by simple old fashioned visuals of some kind of light experiment, the song ebbed and flowed emersing you in its watery layered textures before subtly building into a frienzied barrage of intricate progressive rock. To be honest with you the rest of the performance was a blur, this band manages to put you on their level whether you want to be or not. Im not sure if the band even know where they are half the time, enjoying the experience more as a spectator than a performer. The drummer never opens his eyes, its like he’s gone, floating in the music, we all felt the same.

Its difficult to categorise this band, I suppose you could call them post rock, of which im a huge fan, but it goes deeper than that, they seemed to have transcended many musical barriers and even genres that can’t be defined. You need an open mind to enjoy this band or let me rephrase that, the door to your mind needs to be left just a little open, Albinobeach will do the rest.

I felt dizzy and exhausted after the show, they were very loud, but it worked, I didnt want to hear anything more once they were done.

Having not heard a lot of their old material, I cant compare the new stuff to the old, what ever it was that I saw and heard on saturday it will stay with me for a long time. For those of you who like me had heard a lot of rumors as to the musical genius that is Albinobeach, it has to be seen to be believed…Lets hope they don’t go disappearing again, this country needs music like this.


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