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Surrender To Someday – This Side Of Make Believe Press Release

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

For bands nowadays, the road onto the public radar has been made a little easier by the ever increasing popularity of social networking websites. That short route, however, has not come without its share of twists and dire consequences. As a result introductory EP’s have become watered down affairs that are bland and lack any warmth, because they were quickly created and put into the fast lane to fame.

In contradiction, Surrender To Someday decided to take an old school approach to introduce themselves to the world. They took their time in crafting a piece of art that would represent their passion for music inside and out. The band also decided that they would be tackling all of the aspects of making a record themselves, because they didn’t have any funding whatsoever.

This grand ambition was met with many challenges along the way, and after five grueling months they could finally draw the curtain on their project. The end result is This Side Of Make Believe, an EP that both sonically and visually defies the odds. The collection of songs can be classified under the broad term of Rock, as there are numerous sprinkles of each member’s various influences, but they never fully indulge into a specific genre.

Thematically the album is pulled together by artwork that serves as an important illustration and compatriot to the songs. Paul Jacobs says: “We wanted to emphasize the title of our EP, so we created an intense contrast between fantasy and reality. The picture portrays both sides of fantasy and reality longing for one another, a concept a lot of people can relate to. Neither side will find happiness unless they accept who they really are.”

The band was also resolute in going the extra mile for this project. Guitarist André Kluyts states: “Attention to detail is something we were very adamant about. We wanted this EP to be a collector’s item. So Thinus designed a flash application that pops up when you insert the disc into your computer and there you can view a couple of promotional videos that we made throughout the year as well as behind the scenes look into the creation of this EP.”

On 26 April 2010 Surrender To Someday released This Side Of Make Believe and in the process announced themselves on the South African music scene. On this day they also reached the end of one journey and are now standing at the door of new adventure.

Paul Jacobs confirms this: “Everyone is born with some sort of fantasy. And through your life you mold that fantasy into expectations that reflect what you think it would look like accomplished. As time passes by we find ourselves playing this “image” or “movie” over and over in our head. We then label it make-believe. The title and concept of our EP refers to the “accomplished” side of that fantasy.”

Website: http://www.myspace.com/surrendertosomeday
Downloads: My Valediction (Free) – http://www.last.fm/music/Surrender+To+Someday/This+Side+of+Make+Believe

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Video Interview | The Little Kings

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Interview: Ryan Kidwell from The Little Kings
SA Music Vids on Zoopy | YouTube | Facebook

  • Overgraze, The Little Kings: Reggae Rock Reunion

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    The Plastics | Video, EP Launch | Wed 11th Jun

    Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

    Why only launch a CD when you can launch a MUSIC VIDEO too?

    Thats right tomorrow night for the very first time, The Plastics will be screening The MONKEY SIMULATION MUSIC VIDEO!!!

    come and get your FREE copy of the debut EP!!

    please join our official page
    as the group will be shut down soon.

    See you there

    The Plastics

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    Interivew: The Beams Burn Bright

    Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

    Short of nothing when it comes to magnificent stage presence, guitar and bass riffs that drill rock into your cortex, and a manic dance-rock setlist, The Beams are prepping the scene for the release of their self-titled EP on November 17th at the Armchair Theatre in Cape Town. We’re pretty stoked, and caught up with rocksteady bassist Amrik ahead of time for a Q&A in our increasingly popular threekly Featured Artist spot.

    The Beams on Overtone
    Shine your light, dudes.

    Our music style is a mix of things. The short answer is ‘dance-rock’. It gets longer than that. We started jamming together in 2005 and were listening to a lost of post-punk, disco-punk and Brit-rock. We all come from various backgrounds, Paul‘s arrangement ideas are often classically informed. Boško listens to a lot of Serbian rock and Jay comes from a varied background drumming to everything from rock, to funk and jazz. I suppose I try bring some disco into the mix. We like a lot of things.

    That varies again. I’ve been playing bass since I was 17, so 6 years now. Paul played violin since he was about 6 or 7 and also plays piano but not for as long so that makes around 16 years. Boško played guitar to make his parents happy when he was very young but rediscovered it later in his teens but only started taking it seriously upon starting a band. Jay has been playing drums for 18 years and is self-taught.

    We all listen to a lot of different music. Personally what influences the kind of music that I try and make in The Beams (and I share some these with other band members) is mostly post-punk, disco-punk and some electro, stuff like The Futureheads, The Rapture, Forward, Russia!, Q and Not U, Les Savy Fav, Modest Mouse, Controller.Controller, Moving Units, The Faint, Neon Plastix, The Klaxons and VHS or Beta.

    Personally it would be the the London Astoria. A small, intimate size, yet premium venue. Really huge festivals are awesome but they can also be terrifying and from our experience so far, smaller venues (not too small!) are more intimate and everyone feels the energy going around better.

    I make music because I love it. For me music is the height of cultural expression, its my everything. A day without music is a bad day. Making you’re own music is a whole new level of enjoyment which is amplified by seeing other people enjoying what you’re doing. Its completely positive which is a great thing. There is also no better natural feeling that I have found other than standing on stage playing a really tight set with my band and watching a crowd of people dancing and really enjoying what we do.

    A note from the band:
    “The Beams are finally launching their long awaited EP!!! It’s gonna be a party of wicked proportion. We’ve got DJs Toby2shoes and Cocoa Vagina keeping the beat going till late. There will be freebies! R40 at the door or R70 with a copy of our EP. Armchair Theatre in Observatory, CT, November 17th, 2007.

    The Beams on Overtone
    Rocking the Daisies…and thousands of people
  • The Beams on Overtone
  • The Beams on Myspace

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