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Overtone Music Is Now Hiring

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Overtone Jobshop

Overtone Music Industry is looking for a couple of new faces to jump on board! If you think you qualify for any of the positions listed below, kindly send a CV and links to your work to features@overtone.co.za. Position, renumeration and details to be discussed in one-on-one interviews with the candidates at a later date.

Junior Web Developer

Job Description
Basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS and open-source systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Available part-time, full-time or contractually.

1 year.

Events journalist

Job Description
Regular presence at gigs, familiarity with band members, managers and the local music industry. Willing to work evenings and publish news and editorial content from home. Willing to attend events outside of their comfort zone and treat the industry with professionalism.

None, but applicants must be 20 years of age or older.

Events photographer

Job Description
Regular presence at gigs, familiarity with band members, managers and the local music industry. Willing to work evenings and publish news and editorial content from home. Willing to attend events outside of their comfort zone and treat the industry with professionalism.

None, but applicants must be 20 years of age or older.

Apply now

This post was submitted on September 16th, 2008, and will be deleted when the positions have been filled. Good luck!

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Audition Notice: Gospel | Traditional | Quick Hits

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

For extremely talented, disciplined black singer-dancers to join the cast of a high-powered musical show to tour South Africa and Europe. Rehearsals begin last week of July. Should be experienced in traditional dance. You need to have a valid passport. Auditions: Friday 30 May from 10h00 at Theatre in The District, Chapel Street, Woodstock, Cape Town. Please call Barbara on 082 372 9869 to arrange an audition.

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    How Do I Get A Job? | Find Audio Production Jobs

    Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

    Finding work as a sound engineer or musician in South Africa is one way to learn appreciation for beans on toast dinners, but that doesn’t mean that you have no chance of creating your dream environment. As long as there is advertising, there will be a steady demand for quality music and sound production. So we pillage the forums of MIO.co.za for ideas on how to get to the top of the ladder. Overtone Monthly Shmooze speaker Matt Allison of Dockyard Studios has some sagely advice for anyone looking to get involved in the scene…

    How Do I Get A Job?

    It really is disappointing when you know you have great Audio Creative skills, but you can’t get a job either because you are white, too young or don’t have 10 years experience in the corporate field of production.

    Get A Job
    You can have this if you want it. It starts with meeting people.

    It’s been a long two weeks of sessions bouncing from one to the other. I’ve just wrapped 3 days with a client from Ibiza, and for the next 3 days I’ll be at the Jazz Festival, and then a full length record with a great local SA band. There is work people…go find it!

    As (forum mod) Fly* shared, this industry is about who you know, not what you know. Sad as it may seem. 90% of it is about relationships, 10% is sound. That’s not to say you should only working on the 10% sound part, but just realize how much a part of the pie is social/relationship skills.

    Quincy Jones was asked to describe what he does as producer and his response was ‘I’m part psychologist, part babysitter’.

    Networking and just getting your hands dirty is the best way to succeed in this industry. Take yourself out of your comfort zone, expand your horizon and client base. In the last couple months I’ve had clients in from the USA, Germany, Sweden, Ireland and Ibiza, and countless local bands.

    I’m flying over to NY and then onto New Orleans in June for Potluck Convention to network with fellow engineers from all over the world and discuss the future of music. Yeah, it is costing a fair penny, but I need to do it to invest into myself, and I just need one more job from the USA like I had a few months ago and it pays for itself.

    Obviously Fly comes from the a post-production background, whereas I record music/artists/bands for a living. There isn’t nearly as much money in it, but it is what I love doing.

    The engineering field is so vast, and it isn’t all producing beats and making hip-hop/dance music. There is live sound, location recording, library music, post, foley, game sound, sound design etc. Explore the field!

    Ok, enough from me. Off to throw myself down in front of the couch and veg for a few hours before it starts all over again.



    The original forum post can be found here. Register on MIO and meet others in South African music.

    Overtone Shmooze: Meet the music industry

    Get Started! If you’re in the Cape Town area and feel you’re ready to meet ‘n greet with the local music scene, come to our monthly “booze ‘n shmooze” meetings in the City Centre. Grab a drink, listen to speakers, meet bands, managers, studio owners. Bring your demo CD and network. It’s the place. Here’s more on previous shmoozes:

  • April 2008
  • March 2008
  • The next shmooze is on May 29th in Cape Town’s CBD

    Contact us for more: john [at] overtone [dot] co [dot] za.

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    SA Music: Why You Should Get Involved

    Friday, February 8th, 2008

    The other day, at a Kidofdoom sound check, I looked around at the local musicians, organisers, sound engineers and journalists and realised that anyone with two bricks and a plan can build a house. The trick is in getting it to stand.

    A Call To Action

    There are two common perceptions Overtone aims to break down: firstly, that local music culture is struggling, and secondly, that we should somehow aspire to cater for a first-world market. Let’s not be ignorant. South African music is slowly waking up to the potential for global exposure through the Football World Cup, the ongoing tourism boom and the collapse of digital rights management. So let’s deal with the real.

    Old Story Layout

    New Story Layout

    Overtone - old story

    Overtone - new story

    The digital rights management ‘police’ have basically given up, meaning artists may now expose their product globally like never before. MP3 file-sharing is becoming less evil by the day, and local and international bands are pioneering the drive to treat free music as the most powerful marketing device – by far. Local bands like The Privates are starting to get it. Like never before.

    Sponsorship of local music is gradually becoming the hot new kid on the block. Black Economic Empowerment and the shifting undercurrents of this dynamic time mean that the majority of our population is now becoming equipped with the means to earn a living through creative artistic endeavours. Like never before.

    The Freedom Toaster, a stand-alone free music and data download unit, is beginning trials in Cape Town within days. The possibilities may not seem endless, but there are good things happening for anyone who has the intellectual property and the passion to deliver it nationally, overnight. MP3s, e-books and open-source software can now be shared, even amongst those without access to the Internet. And even if our faith in this enterprise is overweight, the fact is that someone is taking charge and doing something new. This will ripple, like never before.

    Still Reading…?

    A few years ago, I really wanted to be a music journalist, and I made my decision. I left my office job and doors started to open. For a while, I was not be paid. For a year, while at my previous job, I was not paid for attending gigs, writing CD reviews, and meeting the bands for interviews. But I had begun acting out the decision I made: to get to know the local music industry.

    Overtone and iAfrica Entertainment were pretty much the only places encouraging me, an streetside everyman with a camera and a pen, to write and arrange comps to the gigs. Without blasting our horn too hard, the name, logo and ethic behind Overtone are all brilliant: provide a singular, umbrella-like platform for all things entertainment. Live music previews, CD reviews and personality through interviews with featured artists. Artist management, band booking service, portfolio and press pack creation, an online music shop, an entire advertising, hosting and web design and development service. The goal, as far as I ascertained, was to provide a comprehensive gig guide with loads of free tickets to the South African public, so that people may begin enjoying the quality music of their choice. And now, it’s all happening.

    To those few people who have a vested interest their creative futures, and to those hordes of musicians and fans who consider the future of our unique local music scene, I ask you to respond to this silent, patient battle cry and providing me with “John Q. Public” advice on how we can improve the site to benefit bands and fans. We are nothing but a product of your requests. In this sense, your wish is our command. Email us your thoughts or post it on our wall

    To DJs, instrumentalists, vocalists, band members and musician wannabees: we are working very hard to promote you. Almost everyone on ship at Overtone is a musician, including myself and the now-familiar company founder Tristan Waterkeyn. Begin helping yourself today, and we will help you. Along with a passionate, growing editorial team (including Rob Buegelink, James Gradwell, Moya, Dean Horwitz and Mark Schellhas), I am doing your promotional work by posting editorial content and gig listings for you because I am you. Let’s get this party started. Let’s get the strings on this puppy. Bands, DJs and fans: Let’s take over. Contact us for more.

    [Featured post by John Bartmann, Overtone Site Editor]

    Tips & Tricks

    1. Register as a band, fan, venue, studio – whatever – and update your profile.
    2. For your next gig, submit free tickets. You’ll show up on our weekly newsletter (sign up for it on the left hand side of this site), and make friends very quickly.
    3. Remind everyone that right now, the international music industry is developing quickly. It is.
    4. Give away cheap or free copies of your music at gigs, even if it’s low-quality. MP3 sales are on the rise, and it’s only a matter of time before your fans want more.
    5. Grab a pen, get hold of a camera, and contact the editor either here or on Facebook. He’ll set you up with a press pass for whatever gig you pick.

    Mail us your answers or hit the Facebook wall

    1. If you’re not into live music, what’s missing?
    2. What do you dig about a night out?
    3. Do you read music reviews?
    4. Do you care to watch SA live music video snippets?
    5. What are you tired of? What bores you?
    6. Is R30-R50 for a live act worth it? Would you actually go if it was free and sponsored?
    7. Are you in a band and do you want to be a part of this drive for free publicity?
    8. Would you like to work alongside Overtone and the music industry?

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    “The name, logo and ethic behind this site are all brilliant: provide a singular, umbrella-like platform for all things entertainment.”

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